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New Project - TableTerra - 05-15-2017

[Image: LbfUIx8.jpg]
[Image: 9jUBO6v.jpg]

[Image: stc9W4M.jpg]

[Image: Csd84Rg.jpg]

[Image: WD3FszY.jpg]

[Image: QOOJBBA.jpg]

[Image: 9wtS6b7.jpg]

[Image: QGLy6ac.jpg]

[Image: bK8dTnA.jpg]

[Image: AhRbFeM.jpg]

RE: New Project - HobbyDr - 05-15-2017

Wow, whatever it is, I like it. You certainly work quickly. Look forward to seeing this one completed.


RE: New Project - SethDrallitoc - 05-15-2017

Looks great so far. What are you building? - it would really be helpful if you state it in the subject line. I think this is in the wrong section of the forum, it really belongs in the Work In Progress Section.

RE: New Project - BlueMeander - 05-18-2017

Yeah, I think that some showcases here can include work in progress pictures (right?) but generally it should be finished and include those completed pictures as well. But that said, there's some fun techniques going on here and it's neat seeing such a big thing unfolding. I look forward to seeing the progress.