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Ghost Town!!!!!!!!!!! - AndySlater - 04-05-2015

I always did what I thought was for the best. But I'm thinking maybe I should create a tumble weed graphic to replace the TG logo.

What happened? Did things just move on? Are forums a thing of the past, as newsgroups are, or did I kill this once thriving community... and more importantly: what, if anything, can do I/we do about it?

I'm seeing TG as a wayward child. I'd didn't do what I hoped. But maybe that's my problem and I should be encouraging it in it's chosen direction.

Be blunt with me people: what, if anything, can I do to turn this ghost-town back into a community?

RE: Ghost Town!!!!!!!!!!! - Tob - 04-05-2015

(04-05-2015, 12:09 PM)AndySlater Wrote: What happened?  Did things just move on?

It may just be that there hasn't been enough time. What's it been, 6 months since the transition? Possibly not long enough.
In addition, it's spring in the northern hemisphere so people might be spending more time outside than in front of computers and/or painting stations. I have no excuse for the southern hemisphere, other than maybe they're recovering from the cricket world cup.

The format change may play a small part. The old site contains all the reference material. If a random new potential user is searching for "how to build ____", they won't find it here and so they may not be joining/logging in. It would be interesting to see how many new users have signed up to the old site in the past 6 months. As it stands right now, this site doesn't have a lot of content and that might be the lack of attraction factor. Maybe we need more eye candy; pendrake and Melly have moved over some visually appealing old projects.

For me personally (and I hate to bring this up for fear of sounding like complaining), I find myself posting less just because it's a little more work to post photos. This drives me to only post the really 'important' or 'good' stuff as opposed to anything that strikes my fancy. Again, I'm not complaining here, just observing my own behaviour. I fully understand the necessity for off-site photo hosting and I doubt it really affects anyone not using bare-bones equipment.
Is this related to blogging? I mean, is it easier to just upload a photo to a personal blog than it is to upload to a hosting site and then post on TG?

Maybe we should start a traffic-driving campaign. If everyone posted links on gaming sites, personal blogs, et cetera, would we funnel people here and get them posting? Would it help for members to post "fluff"? By fluff here I don't mean stories, I mean eye candy - bait - "light content" - show and tell. Members could just snap some photos of current standing gaming tables for "Here is the state of my union" types of posts. This would build up content, drive comments, and act as hooks for passers-by.

I'll keep thinking about it.

RE: Ghost Town!!!!!!!!!!! - O-T-hill - 04-05-2015

Hello Andy I only visit five sites TG. Dakadaka, The one ring,Boltaction,Gamesworkshop to be honest the reason to look is for images of terrian and miniatures it may be corny but it is to be inspired and that is what all these sites have lots of luvly pics the reason I have stoped posting is that I don't like useing photo hosting sites call me an old fuddy duddy but I still have photos printed if I think they merrit it so I can clear them from my laptop the old TG has all the best pics
This one not so I did try and get the ball rolling in showcase but as I said image hosting sites grrrrrrr. Just as a question when I view this site not all pics show on my phone does this happen to any one else

RE: Ghost Town!!!!!!!!!!! - Caleb - 04-05-2015

I am a member of a few forums, and can have noticed something.

The other forums I go to are pretty large, with several thousand users, but I mostly hide in sub-forums. These areas seem to have a fairly small group of dedicated followers that log in and post daily. This group is maybe 10-15 people, but they log in daily and post on threads, even just something to say "I'll be following this project" or "What a good start to this ______ ".
I am a firm believer that content generates content.

What I mean by this is that if someone posts a project, but no one posts anything significant (if at all) then the user is less likely to post more content.
Conversely, if someone posts a project and gets lots of replies, then they will want to post more, and the other users will want to post projects of their own to receive feedback, etc. etc.

I have been trying to post at least once on TG daily, but to be quite frank, my hobby interest lies elsewhere at the moment.
If everyone who looked at a post commented, I feel pretty confident people would start producing more stuff to show off.

RE: Ghost Town!!!!!!!!!!! - pendrake - 04-05-2015

(04-05-2015, 12:09 PM)AndySlater Wrote: I always did what I thought was for the best.  But I'm thinking maybe I should create a tumble weed graphic to replace the TG logo.

A: What happened?  
B: Did things just move on?
C: What, if anything, can do I/we do about it?

D: Be blunt with me people: what, if anything, can I do to turn this ghost-town back into a community?
(Added letters to sort responses.)

A) Blogs, Facebook, Deviant Art, Other Forums....in a word competition.

B) I think TG used to be one of THE (if not THE) go-to build your own terrain sites on the internet. But, yes, people moved on, and spread out, and found other circumstances where they could share their work and interact. They spread out from the old TG and went all over the internet. Think about it: the spread of knowledge was/is a good thing and that is success of a different form.

C) Re-build. Re-Building takes time.

D)  Start building anew. Stop the bleeding++ on the old TG. Carry out your intended Porting of the TG gallery to a new, better situation.

I have been quietly tossing in mentions of the new TG on other forums that I visit. I have been foiled a number of times while interacting on other forums when I think of an old TG project that I remember that would help someone with their project. I would go to TG try to find the old thread only to find it gone due to auto-delete. In one case where (I succeeded and found the thread) I placed a link to TG up on Reaper's Forums several months ago, but I later went back, looked at the thread, and the link I had made was DEAD. ++Killed by the auto-delete.

Do you have archives on CD of earlier, but now gone, versions of TG material? that were saved off before the some of the rounds of auto-delete? Resurrecting some of that would be a grand thing. (Did you or Melly or both of you send out a joint PM via the old site to all the old login IDs mentioning the new site? If so, how did that go?)

Some of that may not be too cheery, so let me close with something that ought to cheer you up:

This link goes to a project on Reaper Minis Forum. It is within a sub-forum where Terrain Projects are encouraged. It is a Library. It is partly inspired by your Library project from the old TG and it specifically references your method of building books for the shelves. Oh, and it turns out awesome. Minibart does a tremendous job.

E: (Things I need to do) Save off whatever images I have in the old TG library. Make new threads using the images here. Both of my  computers the images were on died in December of 2014....this has hampered my activities a lot.

RE: Ghost Town!!!!!!!!!!! - djmothra - 04-05-2015

Terrain building blogs/threads aren't dieing, they've just moved onto newer easier pastures.

Case in Point: The Terrain Tutor - does some interesting vids on youtube and has now started a scenery related page on Facebook (Yes, I'm a member) which has over 500 members. Only problem is, its not a "How to" page, mainly just a show off place - people still use TG (the old site anyway) as it has great resources. But you don't need to log on to look at the info.

It'd be interesting to see what the traffic is like (especially the old site) vs people that log on.

How to drum up more people? I think they comes down to encouraging the older users back and perhaps advertising? or get some of the "Famous" people on youtube to enroll? that'd definitely increase traffic.

Also - perhaps we, the few that are here right now, need to post more, or add links to signatures in other forums etc etc...I'll be doing that later if it helps.

RE: Ghost Town!!!!!!!!!!! - djmothra - 04-05-2015

Another thought:

The old website still comes up first on google searches but the main (home) page doesn't have any kind of mention that the forum has moved - perhaps adding that to the page, might generate more hits here.

Also, how about additional integration with the likes of FB and G+ etc?

RE: Ghost Town!!!!!!!!!!! - trollmeat - 04-06-2015

I thought this thread was going to be about a Miniature Ghost Town, with tumble-weeds and boarded up windows. Big Grin

(Just like O-T-hill,) I only visit a few websites, and they are all gaming related (specifically modelling, painting and terrain making - and on a couple of them I only check the competition threads). I signed up to Terragenesis when a member of one of the other sites pointed me towards the Competition that was being run here, and have since mentioned the TG competition and website in my own Picture Log (plog) and other competition threads (but I doubt anyone signed up directly as a result of my spam).

One thing that might encourage growth or new membership (that Tob mentioned) would be the ability to post Images directly to the site. While I realise that this would increase overheads, it would make it much easier to contribute and maintain a plog here: I am currently sketching up ideas and gathering materials for what may be quite a large project (possibly more than one tabletop worth of scenery) and my decision as to where I post it will probably be directly related to how much effort would be involved. Fewer clicks and no faffing about shuffling between tabs/pages/sites wins every time.

Tob Wrote: I mean, is it easier to just upload a photo to a personal blog than it is to upload to a hosting site and then post on TG?

RE: Ghost Town!!!!!!!!!!! - pendrake - 04-06-2015

Another thought from me: Question D.

"What to do?"

Does "View New Posts" have an overly stringent[?] definition? On other forums around the web they will have a similar button or link but it is never, ever allowed to report "nothing to see here".

'Nothing New' encourages: click on through to other web destinations.

View today's posts goes back 24 hours? What does View New do exactly?

View Most Recent 25 Posts might be a lot more prone to encourage people to have a look around.

RE: Ghost Town!!!!!!!!!!! - pendrake - 04-06-2015

(04-05-2015, 01:27 PM)Tob Wrote: I mean, is it easier to just upload a photo to a personal blog than it is to upload to a hosting site and then post on TG?

I used to have a blogger page. Didn't do much with it. Kinda used it to host images I put up elsewhere. I think I still have it.

But as I recall it was a kluge to use as far as uploading images. I tried something called WiX that decided I could upload Six pictures before I had to start paying. I had/have an Imageshack account...but it is borked. They force upgraded me or something and now to do anything much with it I would have to pay. Currently fiddling with photobucket but it too finds a variety of ways to be annoying. It is workable but annoying.

Most forums on the web ask that images be stored elsewhere.