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Rock Outcroppings - Ryoden - 04-12-2017

Hey everyone

So I am new here and pretty new to the hobby. I have been making some things for my Warmachine games and I am currently on a quest to make up some nice looking playable terrain. I have collected some very good looking pieces of bark from a 100+ year old Oak tree that had fallen in a nearby cemetery.

I think they will make amazing rock outcroppings and serve in the game as obstructions or even terraced obstructions.

Alternatively I could use them as the rock facing of a cliff side.

I'll post up some pics of them in their raw form soon.

RE: Rock Outcroppings - SethDrallitoc - 04-12-2017

Jealous! I have been hunting for bark for this comp and have so far up short. Look forward to seeing what you have!

RE: Rock Outcroppings - Ryoden - 04-14-2017


RE: Rock Outcroppings - Munin - 04-14-2017

Oooh, niceĀ  bark!

RE: Rock Outcroppings - BlueMeander - 05-04-2017

Looks like nice stuff! Good luck with this.