In my original version of this post I was missing some required information which was pointed out to me by extraevildave. Here are my 5 entry photos in which you will find my completed work for this entry. I like working small CD sized scenes, especially when trying out a new concept, or doing a piece of scenery just for fun. The base of this scene is made of 2 pieces of foam board (for those that are offended by the general term foam board I mean the stuff that is about 1/8" thick with paper on each side) the lower cut in a circle using a CD as a template and the upper which is further carved to form the river banks. All of the flocking/ vegetation is various woodland scenics products. The smaller rocks are aquarium rocks and the one large rock came from outside. I used various grits of sand in the fire pit as well as pieces of toothpicks painted black to represent charring. I also used sand on the bank of the river. The sand came from Michael's craft store. The paints I used were the common acrylic paints sold in craft stores. I used a black wash on the rocks in the fire ring to represent charring. The wash color is called nulin oil and is made by Citadel. The water is made with clear silicone caulking. As I have been spending a lot of time around actual rivers lately I decided not to over exaggerate the roug parts of the water with dry-brushing. The white cap effect created by dry-brushing is representative of fast flowing rapids. That was not the look I intended to convey. The fish bones are made of fine wires soldered together. The head and tail of the fish are made using aquarium rocks that were close to the right size and shape.

As for intended purpose there is none other than the enjoyment I got from making this.

[Image: 34546012852_4b59f2f62a_c.jpg]
My premise is an abandoned camp site. I wanted to fulfill the all natural theme, and also signs of creatures.

[Image: 33898191883_0d0afded72_c.jpg]

To show more signs of creature activity I wanted to show someone had a meal here. So I made fish bones.

[Image: 34546012742_c93001cac2_c.jpg]

Unfortunately I rushed the water job and ended up with bubbles.

[Image: 34323387450_f7668bbc88_c.jpg]

[Image: 34707665545_1dc3b54876_c.jpg]

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