TerraGenesis FAQs
Here are a few common questions regarding the forum. If your question is not listed here, please contact the Site Administrator.

Where’s my verification email to complete my registration?
First, check your spam or junk mail folder. Many email hosts filter automatically generated emails as spam.  Some providers (such as Hotmail or Outlook) prevent them from reaching you entirely. It is suggested you use a different email account to register (Gmail for example).

What can’t I upload a photo from my computer to TG?
It’s a matter of space. The nature of our community involves a lot of ‘show & tell’ and server space costs money. In order to keep forum memberships free, we require your images and videos to be hosted by a different source. There are plenty of quick, easy and (more importantly) free image hosting websites available.

If I already have to load my images someplace else, why don’t I just create a blog and share a links to my blog here?
You can do that, but only in the Promotional Forum area. The intent of TerraGenesis is to create a place online for people to go for ideas, support and feedback. To have that kind of resource only works when people contribute to that resource. Linking to blog posts or posts in other forums just leaves TG as a directory for terrain on the internet instead of a community.

We understand that some people will prefer to create their own website or blog rather than contribute here. We also appreciate that those resources may be of interest to TerraGenesis’ members. That’s why we let people advertise them in certain forums. At the same time however there are those members who, when they come to TG, want to stay on TG where they can comment and make suggestions engaging in discussion with other members.

Why can’t I put images, smilies, links, etc. in my signature?
These features have been disabled in an effort to keep attention focused on your posts. We value the time and talents it takes to share your work, describe your techniques, or give advice to a struggling builder and we don’t want to take away from that. Signatures are fun and people like them; we’ll just keep them simple.

What is the User’s Reputation?
Members have an opportunity to rate other members, either positively or negatively, and post a comment for their reason for doing so. The reputation rating can be found on the user’s profile. This system is enabled in an effort to help beginners and new members find kind and knowledgeable senior members to go to for guidance. We encourage you to give positive ratings to those you feel have earned your favor.

Adversely, if you feel a user is being abusive or in any other way not a beneficial member to the forum you have the ability to give them a negative rating. Please keep your rating comments civil because they will be posted publicly. If a member is in any way breaking the regulations of this forum, please alert the Site Administrator or Moderators immediately to take action in having the member or threads removed.

You can only rate a member ONCE, so make sure you are confident in your decision before you submit your ranking. Remember, this is not meant to be a popularity contest.

I haven’t been here in awhile; where did my user account go?
The forum is set up to auto-prune membership accounts based on activity. There are two situations that can affect your profile:
  • If you have no posts in the the forum AND have not logged in for over a year, your account will be deleted. We assume your prefer ‘lurking,’ which you do not need an account to do. You can read the forums without signing up for a member account.
  • If you have posted threads and responses in the forum but have not logged in for over 3 YEARS, your account will be deleted. Any posts you’ve made during your active time here will be saved.

How does the warning system work?
Hopefully we never have to use it, but it is in place to reprimand members who are treading too closely to breaking the forum regulations but not causing a serious enough infraction to be banned completely. In these cases, the user in question will be issued a demerit point (or points if determined that is appropriated for the circumstance by the Site Administrator). If these instances continue to occur from the same user and they have accumulated 10 warning points, they will be banned at that time. The warning level a user has will be shown on their profile page.
Hello  Smile

I noticed a typo in the above post.  Near the bottom where you say:

"If you have no posts in the the forum AND have no logged in for over a year,"

It should say "...AND have not logged in..."
Fixed! Thank you Shy

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