Off-site Image Storage (What to use?)
I have an account with Flickr that I've used when I wanted to post on VZi (Volkswagen Forum) but it's always seemed a bit tricky to me... but that's maybe because I only use it a couple of times a year and forget how it works.

Given that we're now using off-site storage for TG, I'm wondering what other people use and which y'all regarded as the best and easiest FOR FORUM POSTING. Not bothered about bells and whistles for doing other stuff. I just want something that's easy peasy for posting my images here.
For years I have used PhotoBucket, which in the beginning was very simple to use. They kept 'improving' their site, meaning you had to jump through more hoops, so I haven't been back in over a year. I need to check it out, because I am getting back into modeling, and need to use it again. I will let you know how I find their current site.

I also use the PhotoBucket. I set it up back in my early days of internet use and go back to it when needed. The 'advancements' Don mentioned are a bit flashy & unnecessary but I still seem to sort through it well enough when I need to.
I also use Photobucket. It works, and it's what I know, though the occasional "out of bandwidth" (usually when I am trying to sell a bunch of stuff on Bartertown) gets a bit annoying. For most people though, it fills the bill.
I use photobox and have done for a few years.

I have never had any problems and it has an easy interface.
(12-02-2014, 01:48 PM)M21A Wrote: I use photobox and have done for a few years.

I have never had any problems and it has an easy interface.

I didn't realise photobox was an option. I've used them for prints on a number of occasions: great service and VERY prompt. Think I'll give them a try for this.

nb: my partner also uses Photobucket (which seems to be a very popular choice), on a daily basis but it seems to cost her a small fortune for sotto voce violations of the Verbal Morality Statute, when it's playing up.
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I too have a Flickr account that I use for other postings.

The easiest way I've found to pull images off Flickr after they have been uploaded is to:

  1. Click the image in its location on Flickr (album or wherever you have it stored.)
  2. Click "Download this photo" in the lower right corner.
  3. Select "View all sizes."
  4. Click the image sizes until you display the size you want.
  5. Then right-click the image itself and select "Copy image URL"
  6. Paste the URL into the "Insert and image" pop-up in your TG post.

With my pictures already uploaded to Flickr, I have one tab of my browser open where I'm typing my TG post.  When I want to insert an image, I open another tab to my Flickr page, select the image and grab the URL, then pop it into the post.

Writing it all out like that makes it seem really complicated, but I find it takes little time if I have my pictures organized so that I don't have to go looking for them.  Smile
I posted this elsewhere because I failed to spot this thread. As I learn (or remember  Dodgy ) more I will update this post.

So far, I've tried:

Google G Gadget
Tried it recently. (I will remember its proper name eventually...) Still a bit baffled by it. Annoyingly large number of steps to jump through just to upload and link to one image.

I signed up for a free Imageshack account about two Reapercons ago. Since then, my free account has become much less than free. And kludgey to continue using.

I had (and still have) a photobucket account established a long, long, time ago. It is still there. Difficult to use. Annoying blinkey, flashy, bouncey ads got in the way and created annoying delays last time I tried to use it.

Spotted this one during an image search for Buck Rogers 25th century space fighters. Someone else using was it. Made a note to investigate further.

Heard of it. Might have tried to register for it once. No data yet.

Very small limit on number of images, IIRC.

Heard of it. Note to investigate further.

I've been using Google's Nowadays it's integrated with Google+ Photos, though you can access the old interface too. It's possible to hotlink to the images, but it's been made harder to find the direct urlto the pics over the years. Interface could be simpler, but at least there are no annoying ads. If you make edits to the pics, the urls lose their file extensions, making it impossible to embed the image on some forums.

I still use it out habit, mostly, knowing of no better service. You could choose worse, though.
To add onto SamuliA's last post, I too am using Picasa to post to Google pics. Once your photo album is on-line and your pics are available (and the Picasa client on your PC allows you to sync certain folders with online albums to make this easy), just click on the "view online" label next to the album heading. This will bring up your album in your browser. To get the actual image URL, just go to the image, right click on it (which brings up a context menu) and go to "Copy Image URL." Then, when you click the little image icon to add an image to your post here on TG, just paste that URL into the handy little box that TG gives you and it will take care of enclosing everything in the properly formatted tags. Once I figured out how this works, it's super easy to use.
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