Off-site Image Storage (What to use?)

I chose to use Imgur only because it is the weapon of choice in another online community I frequent.
I found it very fast to set up an account, very easy to use, and pretty fast on the upload.  I had some difficulty getting the right link to work on TG though, but I have since figured most of the "problems" out.

The tough bit for Imgur is figuring out which link to use.  After you have uploaded your photo(s), you select the one you want and Imgur produces 6 different types of links.  As best as I can tell, none of these links are appropriate for TG without a little tweaking.  I found the easiest link to use is the first one labeled "Image Link (email & IM)".  You'll notice the link has no file extension on it - that has to be added to work on TG.  You can use the image button and put the link in the box to add the file extension, or type the link out between img tags in the editor adding the extension.

I've tried using the provided BBCode link; it didn't work for me, but all I had to do was edit out that first "i.", rendering it the same as the Image Link minus extension.  Is it me?  Is it the Pi?  I wouldn't mind discussing this with someone on Mac or PC who uses Imgur.  A lot of my issues stemmed from using the Pi and I would like to hear comparable techniques on the other platforms.

Nota Bene: Raspberry Pi owners using Midori will not be able to Copy & Paste the convenient links provided by Imgur.  A small price to pay for Pi superiority.  Pi users will have to type those links out.  Or possibly use another browser; as of right now I don't know if this is a Pi functionality issue or a value-subtracted feature of Midori.  More on that to come. If you're surfing a BeagleBone, email me so we can develop the Single Board Computer User's Guide To TerraGenesis.

Forgot to mention: One AWESOME aspect of Imgur for Pi users: no ads, no noise, just site.

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