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Perfect conditions today so I grabbed the SY4, ran out the door, jumped in the Crimemobile, and accelerated rapidly toward my favorite free-sail pond.

[Image: IGg1H8Bh.jpg]

[Image: wUiG77oh.jpg]
Looks like a great day for some freesailing!

My weather was halfway decent, so I got a chance to check out how the steam launch would run.

I was quite pleased. It ran for probably 45 minutes or so on a tank of gas.
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(03-22-2015, 06:05 PM)Caleb Wrote: It ran for probably 45 minutes or so on a tank of gas.

I don't know if it's our dialectical difference, but I can only presume you mean "gas" here as in the least dense state of matter.  Air is a gas, wind is air, wind makes boats go.  I tend to say "gust" instead of "tank", but then I live in the middle of a cornfield and not in BC.  

For those scoring at home:
+8 points for having a boat on the water today
+1 point for each 20 minutes spent sailing
The fuel tank holds a liquid mix of 60% butane and 40% propane. When it is combusted it is expelled from a gas jet and is in a gaseous state.
In your nomenclature, there weren't many good "gusts" of "air" out, wouldn't have been a good day for sailboats.
I'm at 12 points for today I guess, how about you?

I added a boom to the sailboat, I'll try to remember to take a picture later.
Vaguely surprised to hear about the C4H10+C3H8 combo; I figured this was a hexamine tablet deal.  Interesting.

The wind here was very cooperative today.  So much so that on two occasions when the keel ran aground at the opposite bank the boat rotated, caught wind, and sailed right back.  One hundred fewer meters to walk each time.

I racked up 11 points today.

Post boom photo when you can.

I am considering the purchase of one of these:  Weed Razer   Cheaper than building a concrete pond.
I only use hexamine on one very simple steam boat. Just not as easy to control or as long lasting as the gas fuel.

Im considering a solid fuel boiler as one of my next projects. Nothing is firmed up though.

[Image: IMG_20150315_120921_675.jpg]

Here's the untested boom addition. Should keep the shape a bit flatter.

That Razer seems like an intriguing design. I know the sailboat guys were pushed out of their regular sailing location by the weeds.
Boom, there it is.

I bet that boat will turn sharper now too. That jib not luffing out will do wonders.

The pond I went to today might fall under the maintenance jurisdiction of the golf course next door. I have half a mind (as usual) to go to the groundskeepers and ask them if they have a weed razor. I'd clear the pond AND a couple others just for some no-hassle sailing rights. They got some good sailing ponds on that course.

This pond gets weedy fast and is unsailable (?) by mid or late April. Frogs love it though. Never have seen more frogs in one place that wasn't an actual bayou. The sound on a summer's night is the stuff of Lovecraft's batrachian nightmares.
At the lake that our club's sailing group uses the weeds seem to set in whenever they like.
This year they cluttered up the water from about May to January. That was a strange cycle.
We almost exclusively have issues with milfoil snagging keeps and rudders.

Some powerboat events used to be run on that lake as well, but with the weed situation getting ever worse, we've changed venues.
There are far clearer bodies of water around here but many are somewhat less developed for parking.

The lake used to be serviced by a weed harvester, but the municipality retired it last year. Now they're on a contract basis with someone with a much smaller operation. This is probably why the weeds were as high as they were.

No weeds in the yacht pond though, concrete bottom pretty well prevents that. The only issue we have to deal with is the low turnover rate of the water. Usually the pond water is drained twice a year. The city used to powerwash the bottom and remove debris, but that is kind of dependent on the mood of that particular employee on that particular day.
Sounds like your local club needs the Weed Razer more than I do! That seems like it would be a wise club purchase.
I don't know how well it would do given the depth and size of the lake we use.

I think something that could be towed behind a boat would be better.

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