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(03-27-2015, 09:52 AM)TAC Wrote: Finished jobs? Smile I like the blue and yellow walls and the ramshackle roofs. The wooden doors, windows and other bits are nice touches too. Great work.

Could you post the WD templates. Just wonder what they look like.

Terrible cds haha. Did you leave the music/album cover side facing out to see what they were?

The templates were from old White Dwarf's from the early 90's. i'd post pictures of them on here as long as I don't infringe any copyrights, it does say permission to photocopy for personal use but if an admin can just confirm that's ok I will gladly post them. From memory the Cd's were free CD's that came in a Sunday paper. Something like China Crisis Live in Skegness Pool Hall and Hall & Oates 15 favorite acapella hymns.
After quite a while i have some more finished jobs!

[Image: piggys%2B007.JPG]
My Ork style dwelling.

[Image: piggys%2B008.JPG]
Some graffitti, in the grim darkness of the far future graffitti is applied with a roller!

[Image: piggys%2B009.JPG]
This is my futuristic drinking hole. I started this in 2011 and I had pictures up in the last Terragenesis site.
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Hooray for finished jobs! What was your avatar/ID on the old site?

(07-09-2016, 07:42 PM)pendrake Wrote: Hooray for finished jobs!  What was your avatar/ID on the old site?

It was chicken bane but I was (as I am now) a sporadic poster. Still its nice to get something completed.
Finished a job! This time it's a small jail that I'm intending to use in my necromunda/Inquisimunda games.

[Image: ipod%2B320.JPG]
The front of the jail.

[Image: ipod%2B318.JPG]
The rear complete with convict Strangler Arris peeping out.

[Image: genestealer%2B008.JPG]
An action shot with a squat pretending to be a ratling.
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I like the treatment of the stones on the chimney on your cottage. Had no idea what milliput was but thanks for mentioning it because, from a glance after a Google, it looks like awesome stuff.

Overall I have to say though that using the CDs for a base is pretty neat. I like the perfect circle look and I totally want to use that some time in the future. It seems like a nice way to create a sense of a snapshot of a larger place.
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Milliput is good stuff, very durable when it cures as well. The CD base is really good for non urban scenery. It certainly  makes it look very neat.

[Image: emperors%2Bthumb%2B003.JPG]

So I finished another piece. This is one of those Halloween thumbs or joke shop prank, I forget which but put it on a milliput sculpted cobbled base and painted it. It's mainly going to be used as a wotk of art for my 28mm games. As it's painted gold it could be part of a heist scenario or just some good old fashioned vandalism.
Every time I see CDs used as a base I love the effect. I think I'll do it some time and then I forget. Your henge is my favorite though. The real jagged rocks there have a great sinister feel.

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