Ghost Town!!!!!!!!!!!
(04-06-2015, 04:26 AM)pendrake Wrote: Most forums on the web ask that images be stored elsewhere.
The two that I frequent most often have the ability to host images.
I know that for me, personally, I haven't been posting much here because my limited hobby time has been mostly figure-related rather than terrain-based. The only terrain I've done in the last few months was a very-rushed display base for a 40K Kill Team tournament, and I just used the hammered mesa terrain type that I learned from Asdel on the old TG and have personally posted about as well, so figured it wasn't worth the re-hash.

However, when I do turn back to more terrain, I definitely plan to post here first as I always get the best response and advice here.
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(04-05-2015, 08:58 PM)djmothra Wrote: Case in Point: The Terrain Tutor - does some interesting vids on youtube and has now started a scenery related page on Facebook (Yes, I'm a member) which has over 500 members. Only problem is, its not a "How to" page, mainly just a show off place

I follow the Terrain Tutor as well and joined this group when he started it. When he first posted his video explaining his vision for the Facebook group, I was kind of sad because what he described was TG in a nutshell when Andy was running the site: a place for terrain builders to talk about terrain with other builders with absolutely no self-promotion. I couldn't help but think he's re-creating the wheel when this space already exists. It's hard to compete with the social media sites since they can incorporate many user's interested all in one spot, but I personally find them unorganized and hard to follow.

I have a feeling if no changes were made, things would still be pretty slow at the old forum too. No mass email was sent to registered users at the old site to announce the new forum. Perhaps that would be a good idea to make people aware of the change and include some kind of special request to share major projects that may have been lost to auto-pruning. I know most of my threads have disappeared, but I have all the old WIP photos saved, it's just a matter of finding time to do the write up again.

I have a YouTube channel for terrain building techniques that I have intentions of pimping TG on to gain new users, but I was kind of waiting until we had more content available (plus I've been slacking on posting there as much as I have here)... Maybe I should stop waiting and just get it out there now.
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For me, personally, I kind of like that it's a ghost town of sorts. I used to frequent a model railroading forum, but it grew so large that it became impossible to keep up with everyone. I like that I can come here and get to know builders and discuss techniques with them.

I don't post much because I don't build much. The competitions really are my incentive to build. They are a great way to nudge me toward a topic, and to keep me on a deadline.

I think the new forum will grow. It will just take some time.

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(04-06-2015, 05:10 AM)trollmeat Wrote:
(04-06-2015, 04:26 AM)pendrake Wrote: Most forums on the web ask that images be stored elsewhere.
The two that I frequent most often have the ability to host images.

Cool. Just depends on funding/resources I suppose.

I recently signed up at Lustria-Online. (Thanks to Munin posting something here.) I signed up on their old site (which required links to elsewhere). Ten days later it transitioned to a new site. It happened over a weekend. The new site does allow image uploads.

ReaperMinis is another site where I can be found. They allow uploads in their craft-corner zone for WIP figures, terrain, finished models, etc. They are very generous to allow any model from any mfg. and thus encourage constant improvement in modeling, painting, and sculpting. On other portions of their boards in-line images are allowed but need to be linked from elsewhere.

Two other sites I have posted on don't allow uploads. 

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(04-05-2015, 12:09 PM)AndySlater Wrote: What happened?

Too much fighting on the dance floor.
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Thanks for the comments. Seems there are two things that I can do:

1. Change the home page on the old site to make it much more obvious that folks should be coming over here. I need to move the articles to the wiki but with the way things are for me at the moment, it ain't gonna happen until the winter.

2. Start making some stuff and posting about it. Again: personal circumstances are an issue but, in a couple of weeks when the dust settles on recent events, I'm going to start setting some time aside to build terrain. Even if it's only once evening a week. I've got the space to do it now. Smile

Things I can't do:

The image hosting thing is always going to be an issue. Bespoke solutions are out of the question. MyBB has plug-ins that utilise 3rd party storage... but that has to be paid for when thresholds are reached... which would put us back to where we left off with the old forum. Any change with regard to this either now or in the future is up to Melly... is policy re use of the forum. If people move old threads in a bid to increase content, build articles and blogs/plogs, here on the forum, then it is my belief that Melly will eventually run into the same issues I, and Gary before me, had with the old ones: how to fund keeping it and what to delete if I can't.

Maybe the way forward would be for the TG forum to become the place where people find out what's going on elsewhere and talk about it in one central location rather than being the place it actually happens.

My apologies, especially to Melly whose court these decisions land in, if I'm provoking a conversation that we're not ready, and don't need, to have yet. That is not my intention. I wanted to find out what *I* can do and, barring any future suggestions, I have that now. I will endeavour to do both ASAP. Everything else I've said here should just be regarded as my personal opinion as a member and nothing more, perhaps to be noted for some point in the future rather than needing to be acted upon immediately. It's not like there is a problem with TG being quite that urgently needs to be solved. It's entirely stable and safe on my server in it's current, quiet, form.
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(04-08-2015, 01:43 AM)AndySlater Wrote: I wanted to find out what *I* can do.
Have you terminated the autopruning of the old forum yet?
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By the way ...
In my view, Facebook is not really a competitor to a forum because it is so biased towards new content. The same goes for the image sharing sites, excluding Pinterest which is more of a directory pointing towards blogs and forums like this for more in depth information. To me, Gidian Gelände is the closest thing you get to what TG was and to some degree still is. They had some of the same crisis with management prior to TG's transfer, but activity seem to be increasing or at least stabilizing now. Most blogs are just shouts into the dark needing the forums for neccesary feedback.

For my own part, having a second child, a house expansion project and a garden in shambles have turned my attention elsewhere for a while, but I will return when you least expect it.
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(04-08-2015, 01:43 AM)AndySlater Wrote: Maybe the way forward would be for the TG forum to become the place where people find out what's going on elsewhere and talk about it in one central location rather than being the place it actually happens.

I think this is the role TG will naturally fall into once the wiki/archive is up.

Noobs and searchers looking for inspiration and projects will find them in the wiki. If they have questions, comments, or need clarification, they can do so on the forum. As they (and regulars) work on projects, the progress can be shown in WIP forum and the completed work can go in the wiki/archive.

I don't think TG is "failing" as it stands, it's just not complete yet.
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