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You're suggesting have 'our' own TG YouTube Channel? I like it! But...

Its a reasonable idea of course, but right now, there isn't a lot of normal model making going on, let alone videoing, editing and sending to "Big Bernard from" Wink

Not sure what to suggest - I'm sure the "bigger boys" in the YouTube world (Mel the TT, The Dungeon Master guys and Papa Smurf from MWG to name but a few) have used or at least know about the 'old' site - perhaps a quick message in their direction about this new forum?
(04-17-2015, 10:15 AM)ntw3001 Wrote: As I mentioned though, the presentation of the videos is important; it would need to be fairly uniform or else it would just be a mishmash with no particular appeal. The most important thing is probably the intro and sign-off; there could either be a kind of style guide for how these videos should be presented, or whoever was in charge of the Youtube account could edit in a quick intro/outro for each video (something like 'Hi, I'm Big Bernard from Today's video is From Oliver, who will be showing us how to make trestle tables for 54mm tea parties. Take it way, Oliver'). I'm not sure how much extra work managing that sort of thing would be though, or whether the community would be able to keep up a regular Youtube offering.

I have no problem crossing over into the video world... what comes to mind is a video Eazy_O had done during one of his comp entries going through the steps on how he made fungi out of styrene rods. It was short, to the point, covering just one technique as a supplement to his full project. This is what I would invision these videos being - not a half hour of watching a project from start to finish but a quick technique people can then take and run with.

I do think it would have to be done the way ntw3001 mentioned, and I wouldn't mind being the funnel for that. (The husband says I'm addicted to video editing anyway Tongue) I could create a TG video template intro and ending and just place in the video clips submitted by members. All they would have to do is record it and send it to me.... which can be a daunting task on it's own, so how we encourage volunteers to do that I don't know. I also see a lot of people just commenting on the YouTube page instead of coming back here to talk about it. Hopefully it would catch all the 'Nice!' and "Good Job" posts and anyone seeking more in depth questions can come to the forum to speak with the creator.

Tob -- if you would be willing to make one, that would be great as a test. I feel like I might hunt down Caleb and see if he would be willing to do one on his pipe cleaner tree technique.
Not much of a hunt. I could probably swing it if my camera complies.
(04-17-2015, 10:15 AM)ntw3001 Wrote: would need to be fairly uniform ...

(04-17-2015, 11:28 AM)MellyMonkey Wrote: I do think it would have to be done the way ntw3001 mentioned...

I thought the same thing; someone's going to have to write a Manual of Style. But NO! I did NOT think of the 'bumper' idea although it seems blindingly obvious now. Let's go that way.

I could probably get some footage. Originally I was thinking an ideal vid would be my 1:72 small version of Caleb's pot-scrubber trees. I am taking suggestions.

Some non-GW rocks would probably be a good idea.
(04-17-2015, 11:45 AM)Caleb Wrote: Not much of a hunt. I could probably swing it if my camera complies.

It's always nice when they come willingly. Big Grin

Tob, I could see you doing examples of the benefits of Future floor polish or gesso... you champion these things quite often.

Off the top of my head, I wouldn't mind seeing someone going through how they take broken paint brushes or bullet casings and use them to stamp bricks. I've tried on my own and I'm obviously missing something because mine do not turn out like the pros.
My experience of watching video tutorials on how to make "stuff" they are usually too long with lots of waffling arty sequences repeating the same points over and over again trawling through lists of videos to find a one that might be able to get the info one needs i use them only as a last resort,at work the other day i was looking in on the site when someone asked what i was looking at after i showed him a very short while later he said not much to see here sort of jokingly so i showed him the old site and he said why spoil a good site?he does not wargame or build terrain but thinks the pics were good .My thinking on this is are others doing the same looking and moving on to para the police phrase"move along move along nothing to see here"
Ah, just little shorts vids - I get ya...

Check out 'Eons Of Battle' on youtube they do a lot of Mini basing tutorials - none of which are more than a few minutes in length - I'd envisage the TG videos being a similar style to them?

I'd have no problems doing a quick video of my Mordheim Wyrdstone markers - although, I don't have any real experience doing so!

Perhaps someone can come up with some kind of script for beginning and ending said vids.

Something like:

Hi, This is <Your Name> at Terragenesis dot uk and today I'm going to show you how to make <Insert title here>

<Include Information on Paints and Materials used before moving onto the main section>

If you'd like to see more about this, please follow the link on the screen or check out the links in the description <Thank you of some kind>
Again, I think Eons of Battle are a good example on how we should do it.

Jase-0 / djmothra
I think a simple intro screen with the web address, and the name of the tutorial. Then it could cut right to the tutorial. No need to have a script at all.
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I wouldn't expect the video creator to do the introduction or TG call outs. Like Caleb said, a simple title screen can do that quite easily and effectively. Anyone recording a tutorial would just start with 'step 1' or materials needed, etc.
Have just installed Movie Maker ( I know, but i'm a noob at this sort of thing) and spent last night making a "Tripod" harness / stand for my phone out of my daughters Duplo Lego! (Phone? Yeah, a HTC one, it can record in HD if I wanted!)

Already done a test movie to try out the software - not too bad (although, I hate hearing myself speak from another source -I'm sure I'm not the only one)

Now waiting for afternoon to come get here so I can have more suitable light. (My apartment is east facing, so right now I have a sunrise beaming in, its awesome, but rubbish for pic taking)

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