Ghost Town!!!!!!!!!!!
I concur with the above. I'm doing what I can.

I have a couple of WIP threads on the go.

I am trying to gather and photograph past projects to upload to the completed section (though many have been sold or given away over the years).

I have been asked to create a video tutorial for Melly (Which I am slowly working on - I've been sick and had real life issues holding me back on that - and I just about 10 minutes ago - cut a chunk out of my thumb [asap I promise]).

I'm too busy right now to make something for the current competition.
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(08-12-2015, 12:44 PM)Mangouste Wrote: I am a bit puzzled about the status of the old site, particularly about the project sections I mentioned:
Will it still be online indefinitely?
Will some fresh contents still be added?
Will it be a reforged into a new version to match the new forum?
(The answers to these questions might be posted somewhere but I could not find them, sorry).

Anyway, back to my suggestion:
Would it be possible, from time to time, to skimm the posts on the new site, find the best post (from showcase section or finished WIP) and compile them (with some edditing?)
This would overtime lead to the creation/updating of a "best of" TG, sorted by theme, that would be easier to browse than old forum thread.

Andy's decision as the site owner was to take TerraGenesis and split it into 2 entities: the TerraGenesis forums and a TerraGenesis Wiki site to hold the articles and resources. Ideally, projects and conversations on the forums would generate content for the wiki like you mentioned. The great ideas being shared here would be copied and consolidated there and editable by members to create an archive of resources. Since Andy wanted to pass off the Site Admin duties on the forum to someone else and he had custom-coded the TG site, the new forum had to be created in a more user-friendly format. Luckily, thanks to the internet being what it is, there are a lot of forum setups available for the general public to pick up. So, creating this new forum was a relatively quick & easy switch. Getting the wiki setup, gathering all the information from the old site, and then converting that info into wiki articles is a lot more complicated. And Andy's the only one taking on that responsibility. It's going to take time. The old site is staying as is until that information is transferred. As of right now, I believe you can not sign in to make new posts there, so there will not be new content added to the old site.

This was explained somewhere, but it was before the switch happened and I realize new members may not be up to speed. I will write up a proper description to place in the 'About' section so this information isn't buried 6 pages deep into this thread.
(08-12-2015, 01:47 PM)SethDrallitoc Wrote: I have been asked to create a video tutorial for Melly (Which I am slowly working on - I've been sick and had real life issues holding me back on that - and I just about 10 minutes ago - cut a chunk out of my thumb [asap I promise]).

No pressure, my friend! I've not even started thinking about the intro yet. Had you gotten it to me already, it would just be waiting in the wings for me to get to it, too. Tongue
Thank you for clarifying Melly. I didn't realize TG had been split. Ton does raise a good point about creating content though. I'm not in a position to start anything (I have house renovations to do) but once that's squared away then it's definitely something I'll be working toward.

I re-read my earlier post, and some of my feelings haven't been conveyed correctly.

I always saw TG as a way to get my brain working and seeing what other people were doing always inspired me to think about what I should do for my own terrain making. The standard of work has greatly increased over the years and I need a LOT of practice to get there.

The passion of the members to the hobby is certainly something I admire. Keep up your good work everyone and hopefully I'll have something to contribute soon.
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(08-14-2015, 07:18 AM)MellyMonke Wrote: I've not even started thinking about the intro yet. Had you gotten it to me already, it would just be waiting in the wings for me to get to it, too. Tongue

Oh good! Not got around to re-doing my one yet (the Mordheim Wyrdstone makers) - I'll get on and do it, promise Big Grin
This was a big conversation to catch up on o...o;; So also this is long. Deal with my word explosion or skip it. I don't care. I REGRET NOTHING.

Okay, hopefully I'm on the same page now. Videos? Good, probably good if you're looking to attract new people. Many years ago I started making instructional videos (funnily, because I was in a forum and someone asked me to make a video tutorial on something like Melly just did and then I ran with it and kept making them.) I found that I eventually attracted a flattering number of subscribers and you could call it "successful", I guess. But video making is more effort for sure than just taking pictures and I figured if I'd gotten clicks from X subscribers for my videos, I could put up a ton more content on a blog and way faster and maybe do well on blogging-- only then NOBODY ever came to it. You wanna talk about ghost towns? Seriously. My blog is loaded with over 100 posts of content, content, content and I've got almost no views and maybe 10 posts total with any comments. It really bummed me out for a while but I had to come to terms with the idea that people totally prefer video instructions to text and photos-- even the very best text and photos. I mean, heck, when I'm looking for a tutorial, I go to YouTube too so.....

So I guess if you're trying to attract totally fresh meat, I think videos could be a good way. I personally feel like it's only people who are already hardcore fans of forum geeking or already really into the hobby that seek out forums. It seems like people with casual or budding interests end up binge watching an individual on YT to see if it interests them.

And I totally think the "X person from Terragenesis is here today to teach you X" thing is a great way to go about it. I could be into doing that too, provided I can make anything people wanna see or whatever.

So all that said, I also feel like what's going on right here is great though, at least in my opinion. Sure, it's not exploding with content every five seconds, but I like that it's a little more intimate right now. Actually would typically never join a forum because they're so, you know, full of people. I only did here because Melly asked me and I just met her and wanted to be friendly and swallowed my panic and gave it a try. I'm actually mega nervous about being social on the internet around a ton of people. The more people there are around, the least likely I am to say anything. I tried joining a Facebook terrain group and, although there was fast and useful feedback received, it's not at all personal. Only the most regularly vocal people who are living on there like a chatroom get to know each other. I'm way less prone to share things I've made with a bunch of scary strangers when I'm going to be just one of 10 posts that show up in the next half hour anyway. Also, you end up just clicking 'like' or being like, "Hey, cool." at most and then the content is gone. It's been much more encouraging and comfortable being a place where I feel like I'm getting to know the people I'm sharing with too.

For a completely different suggestion, when I was trying to market and get attention online for my art business crap, I was using instagram and tumblr. Although I felt 'if I build it, they will come eventually' with my blog and hoped that my content might grab some interest on its own, the truth is it's just such a big sea out there and it's just so hard to get people from all over the internet to find your door with a search engine. (Although the wiki is a good idea. Everything is wiki now, not articles so I think that's a good move.) If you go somewhere that people already are though, it's easier. So maybe to a TG tumblr where you post something like a 'forum post of the week' of someone's finished project, links to YouTube videos we might make as a group, and then participate in the tumblr community by reposting 3-5 posts a day from around tumblr or from people who follow TG on tumblr (because you also attract followers quickly when you follow them/repost their stuff. It's a very mutual back-scratchy sitch over there, it seems. Though I am totally a tumblr noob.) Anywho, it's easy to tag posts with stuff people are searching over there. I found I was getting 3 or more followers a day when I was using instagram or tumblr on a daily or every other day basis, which blows my blog traffic out of the water entirely. And I still get about a follower or repost a week on one of my more popular tumblr entries that's something like 4+ months old. You just don't get people even finding something that's 4 months old on facebook. So I think mediums where you do hashtag crap and lots of people swarm and repost them and stuff is like... yeah. These days people like to find their content in curated digest form in the same place they're already being social and seeing other content and going to a completely independent location is like OMG SO HARD. (I think this is silly, but it's totally the way people internet now, right?) 

Also, pinterest. People be nuts about pinterest. Using something like Pinterest where you have a whole new demographic and that's not already thought of as a traditional haven for gaming and terrain might help create the idea of a rebirth of this art form as a thing for anyone. Maybe sharing in places where you'll find people who know they like stuff like Rement, dollhouses, fairy gardens, or things that have that 'vibe' that terrain does, they might find they also really like terrain too. Who doesn't love miniatures? I think there's a lot of people who don't realise that terrain is like mini nature and what can be done with it. Hopefully they'd be inspired and even feel encouraged to try making some themselves. I think that terrain is definitely one of those art forms that has a very specific reputation as belonging to "The Train People" or "The Gamer People". In fact, I always have to explain to people what I'm making in terms of 'being like Warhammer pieces or model trains' because there's no real concept of a lot of what you can do with terrains anymore. (I try to use the diorama tag on instagram and when I look up other things tagged diorama I get a ***** load of dior purses sooooo...) So I think there is certainly an argument for the idea that TG may need to go out of its way to express that it's an open club. I certainly worried I wouldn't belong or be welcome here if I wasn't making Warhammer pieces or that people would think my stuff sucked or that it was interrupting the stuff people really wanted to see/were interested in. If you're talking about attracting new crowds, not just attracting people who were on the old forum or already looking for terrain resources, you might be wise to find some way of presenting terrain as a hobby people are getting into in lots of new and interesting ways and that's open to diverse people, coming together over an appreciation for a shared medium. If anyone's even remotely shy or on the fence about if they could belong here or not, they're really unlikely to sign up, let alone sign up and actually come back and participate regularly.
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Those are some brilliant ideas! Your take on pushing the Art & Craft side of terrain making (as opposed to purely a platform for games) is excellent. Pinterest is the perfect place for that. 

I've never used tumblr or Instagram, but they sound like great ideas too. I'd imagine you could post a link to TG in the comments for each image?

I definitely think there's something we can take from your proposal. 
There is only one reason why people have stopped using TG, and that is image storing on the old site we uploaded them to gallery, albums and and to wip threads and showcase now we have to have our own web hosting sites all of which are naff,i post to three sites were i can upload my pics and that's why i post to them we used to post direct to Tg and get lots of image feed back and it made no odds if they were altered,now if they are changed on the host site the are gone so why bother posting here?
Regarding the idea to start a TG channel on YouTube with user submitted videos, we're going to start giving this a try. I wrote up a small explanation in the 'About' area of the forums. If you have any questions or would like to participate, let me know! Smile
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(08-26-2015, 01:18 PM)MellyMonkey Wrote: Regarding the idea to start a TG channel on YouTube with user submitted videos, we're going to start giving this a try. I wrote up a small explanation in the 'About' area of the forums. If you have any questions or would like to participate, let me know! Smile

I will be happy to give that a try. I think some time next week I might be able to do that, yeah. : )
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