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We are throwing a massive house-party and this week has been crazy busy!
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(08-14-2015, 07:15 AM)MellyMonkey Wrote:
(08-12-2015, 12:44 PM)Mangouste Wrote: I am a bit puzzled about the status of the old site, particularly about the project sections I mentioned:
Will it still be online indefinitely?
Will some fresh contents still be added?
Will it be a reforged into a new version to match the new forum?
(The answers to these questions might be posted somewhere but I could not find them, sorry).

Anyway, back to my suggestion:
Would it be possible, from time to time, to skimm the posts on the new site, find the best post (from showcase section or finished WIP) and compile them (with some edditing?)
This would overtime lead to the creation/updating of a "best of" TG, sorted by theme, that would be easier to browse than old forum thread.

Andy's decision as the site owner was to take TerraGenesis and split it into 2 entities: the TerraGenesis forums and a TerraGenesis Wiki site to hold the articles and resources. Ideally, projects and conversations on the forums would generate content for the wiki like you mentioned. The great ideas being shared here would be copied and consolidated there and editable by members to create an archive of resources. Since Andy wanted to pass off the Site Admin duties on the forum to someone else and he had custom-coded the TG site, the new forum had to be created in a more user-friendly format. Luckily, thanks to the internet being what it is, there are a lot of forum setups available for the general public to pick up. So, creating this new forum was a relatively quick & easy switch. Getting the wiki setup, gathering all the information from the old site, and then converting that info into wiki articles is a lot more complicated. And Andy's the only one taking on that responsibility. It's going to take time. The old site is staying as is until that information is transferred. As of right now, I believe you can not sign in to make new posts there, so there will not be new content added to the old site.

This was explained somewhere, but it was before the switch happened and I realize new members may not be up to speed. I will write up a proper description to place in the 'About' section so this information isn't buried 6 pages deep into this thread.

(Sorry for the delay, I was away for a few weeks.)

Thank you for these precisions. This undertaking represent a great deal of time and work indeed but I am glad the TG transition works this way.
Good luck to the admins!

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