Mordheim - Ruined Hamlet
Stared to build up the outside walls of the second ruined building of my Hamlet.

Using wooden tongue depressors and cut to desired lengths.

[Image: imag0271-jpg.4900]

Work will start on the inside a roof later.

C&Cs welcome and appreciated.
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I like the progress here. The tissue paper texture works fine with the wood. Looking forward to more updates.
Made an Outhouse for my Hamlet - this one is going to be (at least temporarily) an extra bit of scenery off a friends Orc Warband display base.

Made from some folded card (I made a Net!) and glued on wood. Added onto a 40mm x 40mm base (same as large monsters) - sand on the base.

[Image: imag0272-jpg.4903]

[Image: imag0279-jpg.4940]

C&Cs welcome as always.

Needs a little cleaning - the red you can see between the gaps is from the card under, which you can;t really see with the naked eye - I'll go back and fill those in.
All it needs is a crescent moon cut into the door. Wink

Nice work!
Sorry that I'm late asking but: can I have some clarification on what you mean by "plasticard".

To me, and most others I would have thought, it means styrene sheet. Styrene in the form at kits by Airfix, Tamiya, Revell, and all the others are made from as opposed to the expanded foam stuff. 3mm plasticard would need to be cut with a saw... especially to get those window openings.

What you've used looks more like "foamcore" (a sheet of foam with paper on each surface) to me, however you wouldn't be able to work foamcore with a soldering iron unless you stripped the paper off the side to be worked (can be done by wetting they paper).

So I'm confused as to what it is you've actually used. Smile
Yeah, I get what you mean Smile

I get all my supplies from the University of Architecture shop - apparently this stuff is the same as what Architects use to make their scale models - It's sold here as Plasticard - next time I go back, I'll see if I can get an official name (It isn't foam core - no paper on the side, pretty solid all the way through and can be sprayed with no extra prep)
(05-01-2015, 08:06 PM)djmothra Wrote: ... apparently this stuff is the same as what Architects use to make their scale models

I wonder if it's Sintra or another brand of foamed/extruded PVC.
Can't see it being PVC as that's a "stay clean" plastic so doesn't take paint or glue well.

Definitely interested to know what it is.
Not been to the Architecture shop for confirmation on what this 'stuff' is yet (sorry) Blush

Added some bits of wood to one of my ruined houses.

[Image: imag0307-jpg.5061]

[Image: imag0308-jpg.5062]

Not great pics, but the light was terrible this morning Sad

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)
I like the rafterwork.

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