Mordheim - Ruined Hamlet
As I'll be using these builds for playing Mordheim (perhaps even Bolt Action as well) they need have accessibility as well as looking ruined.
I have added a little rubble (again, a little - I don't want too much rubble getting in the way of figure movement) to show where the broken or removed walls use to be.

[Image: imag0309-jpg.5076]

I also added a slated roof to Porch and the little side extension (not shown here though) as well as adding a shield above the door - perhaps to show some kind of family coat of arms.

[Image: imag0311-jpg.5077]

Now the mini standing next to it, is my Mordheim Vampire Warband Leader - he has an unfinished shield - as an Easter Egg for my games - I will do his shield and the one above the door the same. Could he be from the same family? or did he just steal it? Who knows Wink

C&Cs welcome
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All primed black ready for painting.

[Image: imag0357-jpg.5211]
Still no joy on finding out about the foam?
@AndySlater the stuff I use is THIS STUFF that Mel (The Terrain Tutor) is talking about. PVC Foam Board (mainly used for signage and Architectural Model Making!)


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