A Tau City (in true scale)
A Tau City (in true scale)

[Image: GEDC0380_zpsewgmqlns.jpg]

Getting to make alien worlds to play my games on is one of the most enjoyable things about gaming in the 40K universe I think. Most 40K city tables always look so small to me so I decided to make one that had full sized buildings on it. Alien architecture is always a challenge since it can be very hard to make it look completely different from human stuff. These buildings are a bit of a departure from what most people probably consider a Tau building should look like, but they are very playable. Super tall spires and large domes look great in artwork, but are horrible on an actual gaming table. If you don’t have anywhere to place your miniatures then you will have trouble playing on it. These buildings are what I think is a good balance between aesthetics and playability.

[Image: GEDC0383_zpsbwx1ykm3.jpg]

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This is gorgeous. Very clean and you're right about finding a good balance with functionality. Now you just need less Earth-like plants  Wink
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Do you mean something like this Melly? Unfortunately I don’t have any really good pictures of the buildings using this particular vegetation set. I have lots of low vegetation, but for some reason I haven’t made many trees for it. Tall buildings look best when photographed with tall vegetation, consequently no good pictures with the two together. I do have some good pictures using some of the low structures, so hopefully this will help you imagine what they would look like together.

 [Image: 002_zpsx01okexw.jpg]

[Image: GEDC0780%202_zps2mphr8bk.jpg]

[Image: GEDC1444_zpslkfl3cg6.jpg]

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I like all the little round balconies. From a playability standpoint, those are fantastic.
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That looks a little more alien. Tongue
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Fantastic work. Definitely looks Tau to me. Big Grin

I really like the wide buildings with the windows running up the sloped side. They are very interesting visually, and provide great spots for your troops to form a gun-line.
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Great job man,
definitely the biggest collection of Tau scenery I have seen. Cool
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[Image: GEDC0393%202_zpsw1fao9e5.jpg]

Munin the balconies turned out to actually be very easy to make. The doors that had to be placed on each balcony however were a bit of a pain to make since they were so small. I absolutely love the way they play in games though so I think that they were worth the effort.

[Image: GEDC1031_zpst7krzool.jpg]

If it’s an alien look you want Melly, then here’s a shot with the table infested with aliens!

[Image: GEDC1988_zpsbtsshga0.jpg]

Those buildings you are referring to Ambience are actually just one building. It’s made in six main pieces, and can be used to represent from one to four buildings depending on how the pieces are arranged. I doubt that I will ever play it as a complete large building, but you never know.

Thanks N810, It started out as a very small collection, but just seems to get bigger on its own. Designing these structures is a lot of fun, so I keep getting new ideas that I have to give a try.

[Image: 5Ft%20tall_zpskoiskeiu.jpg]
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Oh, the modularity of that big building is fantastic!
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Great work! I guess you have some house rules to facilitate shooting and climbing all those floors?
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