The O so great inspirationthread
[Image: Tahna%20Lot%20Bali%20Indonesia-XL.jpg]

Another Balinese Temple site. Possibly close by the Ocean Temple.

[Image: Waterfall-and-Koi-Pond1-e1382060281308.jpg]

I am thinking LM spawning pools...

[Image: tonys-waterfalls.jpg]

...with this group.

[Image: waterfall_pond_trees_landscape_hd-wallpaper-76579.jpg]

There's some amazing (and beautiful) stuff here! Thanks for posting it!
Here is one or two that might help somebody doing the Halloween Comp:

[Image: church-cornwall2.jpg]

[Image: HobbitSmaugTrailer1h1.jpg]

[Image: Ghost-worthy-eco-houses-for-Halloween-7.jpg] OK, three.


[Image: scary_tree_by_cyber_rabbit-d3f3ei2.jpg]

[Image: creepy-tree-2.jpg]

[Image: humboldt-redwood-state-park.jpg]

[Image: weeping-willow-tree-1-1600.jpg]

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[Image: bunkers-11.jpg]

[Image: bunker-3-600x431.jpg]

[Image: 33235_md-Bunkers,%20Modelling,%20Terrain...40,000.JPG]

[Image: underground-bunkers-1.jpg]

Switzerland likes to build bunkers that look like the landscape:
[Image: bunker_1-15.jpg]

[Image: c4cd2e7ed3190f8ce34e51cfd89a60a6-orig]

[Image: Fieudo2131.jpg]

[Image: Bunkers-near-the-summit.jpg]

[Image: paris-hobbit-holes.jpg]

The first few images I added to this thread were originally posted as inspirational terrain for the Malifaux setting. The picture above would fit right in but I found it labeled as a Hobbit Hole. Swamp hobbits I guess.

Dat railyard...

...after I finish my competition piece, I'll have to see if i can get some larger toy trains and track, then build more realistic cars on the rail trucks/bogies/wheelsets.

That setting would be great for either 40K or Infinity (play the former, looking to get into the latter).
RE: Infinity - DO IT! It's a blast! And from a terrain modeling perspective, it's really cool. Unlike the grimdark ™, not all of the boards are bombed-out gothic industrial ruins.
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[Image: 3171001145_71876f3829_z.jpg]

Wandering around the internet looking for travelogue pix of rocks in the Ardennes and I found that. When I grow up, I want to build a cool, craggy rock like that.


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