Drallitoc's Lost Jungle Temple
Welcome to TerraGenesis! Sorry for the delay in responding. I'm travelling at the moment.

Crème Brûlée: Imperial Milk Stout (Blackwater Series) from Southern Tier Brewing Company. My absolute favourite dessert beer at the moment.

Yes, I think you are the second person to make that suggestion. However, greenstuff costs more than my time is worth. I'm not looking for ways to speed up the process. I do this for fun!
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Doesn't look like much - but I have made a lot of progress on this piece:
[Image: 32082005414_2bb09c9c06_c.jpg]
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So this is going to be the base for my teleportation engine:
[Image: 32818345151_e21565f909_c.jpg]

Then the middle of the top and additional staircases come out:
[Image: 32818346601_a3dd00a798_c.jpg]

There's a building that goes on top:
[Image: 32818318431_b89562f755_c.jpg]

Eventually, there will be a tower added above that.
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That's looking great already. It's going to be a spectacular piece when it's all finished and painted — great work Smile
Today was spent glueing, pinning, moulding and carving:
[Image: 32807838842_d271f856a1_c.jpg]
Doesn't look like a great deal has changed... I spent a whole day on this???     Huh Undecided Dodgy Sad
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Work continues on the teleportation engine:

There were a few gaps in the construction that I was unhappy with, so I cut out some bricks and replaced them with slightly larger ones.  
[Image: 33027645086_82dc4fc954.jpg]
[Image: 32223637594_2264f443ba.jpg]
Sharp sand and gravel will be glued down to hide less obvious gaps and add some texture to inner corners. 

It was time to start working on the focal point of the whole thing. The teleportation ring. I wanted the portal itself to be removable so that it could represent both an active and inactive device. So I came up with the idea of a steel ring with a swirling pattern in the centre which could be attached to a stone ring with magnets. So I went in search of a steel ring and a piece of clear plastic that would fit inside.

A tomato sauce can provided the steel ring. 10 minutes with a pair of tinsnips and a great deal of careful patient cutting. The lid of a plastic olive-bar container fit perfectly inside. I added detail with some glow in the dark puffy paint: [Image: 32942539291_6acf914083.jpg]

Glued it together with hot glue. Created the stone ring and did a test fit:
[Image: 32253632083_166be52606_c.jpg]

Not 100% happy with it. There was too much of a gap between the vortex and the stone circle. So I had a rethink and began working on plan B:
[Image: 32687190820_a000df0831.jpg]
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Is the inner swirly thing slightly out of round?

The glowing green paint effect looks very good. Can you drag the bottle of "puffy paint" into the frame of the next shot? (Not familiar with the product.)

Liking the idea of being able to swap out the inside.

(02-23-2017, 03:54 PM)pendrake Wrote: Is the inner swirly thing slightly out of round? The glowing green paint effect looks very good. Can you drag the bottle of "puffy paint" into the frame of the next shot? (Not familiar with the product.) Liking the idea of being able to swap out the inside.

It is not - but the stone ring was. 

I will do but I fear it won't help much: 

[Image: 33128977426_0c686fafba_c.jpg]

^ The label is missing. A google search of puffy paint yields results. Sometimes called dimension paint.

I am now thinking that I will just make 2 identical portals. One active and one - not so active. There will be runes around the gate so this will allow me to paint some glow paint into the active one and leave the inactive one dark.

Painting has begun.
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That looks very cool. Looking forward seeing (through) that portal Smile
Stone was painted up as per usual - but I wanted something different for the tiles:
[Image: 32412696003_4812e08348_c.jpg]

It took forever but I really like the effect:
[Image: 32412693963_53d372cabb_c.jpg]
[Image: 33227541115_686d1980ed_c.jpg]

Here it is with paint finished:
[Image: 32383358104_4570b2c533_c.jpg]

With the top piece inserted:
[Image: 32412689293_16127c4866_c.jpg]

With the Alternative Temple top:
[Image: 32412693113_32e56fe0ed_c.jpg]

I made a quick plan and gathered materials to complete the portal:
[Image: 33185882236_5a7826f07c_c.jpg]

I carved out space in a piece of foam-core, to allow washers to be hidden inside. I wanted the base to have enough weight to it - that it would not be easily knocked over during gameplay:
[Image: 32412677473_6c23a8fe18_z.jpg]
[Image: 33185878026_d1964f551e_c.jpg]

I cut the heads off of a couple of screws:
[Image: 32383343094_04e615e85c_z.jpg]

I glued these to a piece of thin card and glued magnets down on either side:
[Image: 33185869136_f8f2b256f8_z.jpg]

Check the fit:
[Image: 33185867396_700304dbe4_z.jpg]

Glue them to the bottom of my portals:
[Image: 33099327751_e1ace6b1f7_z.jpg]

Here it is finished - The stone portal, the activated portal, the activated portal with less light:
[Image: 32383322414_c034c264e5_z.jpg]
[Image: 33185863126_75480e1a70_z.jpg]
[Image: 33099323441_02bf5306c7_z.jpg]

I have a UV flashlight in the mail which I will rig somehow to shine on the glow in the dark surface - that should really make it pop!
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