Drallitoc's Lost Jungle Temple
(03-08-2017, 07:15 PM)Blocky Wrote: I was just thinking maybe some small patches of moss or maybe some water marks - just cos it's probably quite damp.

There are actually green and brown water marks on most of the buildings. I use subtle green and brown washes - that are visible to the naked eye but doesn't show up in the photographs very well. 
Oh good. It's possibly the flash or the lighting then that makes them look super clean and shiny. Either way - the consistency of the buildings and they way they fit together is amazing.
[Image: 33306660441_ebc2aaede1_c.jpg]
So today saw the completion of our campaign. I managed to activate the portal Cool  though I only managed to get 4 members of my warband through.

There were a couple of things that got used in this game which you may not have seen. Remember this? 

(06-17-2015, 04:08 PM)SethDrallitoc Wrote: The gong: 
[Image: IMG_9813_zpsaopggy8f.jpg]

Made from Skaven and Lizardmen parts, some embroidery thread and some bits of sprue melted and stretched over a candle.

From all the way back on page 1! Well, that piece got dropped on the floor a long time ago. The melted sprue looked cool - but was incredibly brittle. The break was in an awkward place and try as I might I could not get the pieces to glue back together. 

During this last game, I had need of a signalling device. I pulled out this pile of bits and had another go at repairing it. When this failed once more I pulled out all the salvageable parts and made something new. I took a long piece of sprue edge and once again held it to a flame. This time instead of stretching it, I doubled it over and twisted it. Once I had a nice piece of twisted plastic I cut it in half, glue it to a base, base coated, flocked and painted: 

[Image: 33279305362_b9ac44ee26_c.jpg]

I'm sorry that there are not more WIP shots. It came together so quickly (less than an hour [thank the gods for hairdryers]).

The string was so much better on the original! I don't really like the wire that I used on the second one. I just couldn't find the embroidery thread that was used the first time. It was the early hours of gameday when I started and I didn't want to make too much noise riffling through cupboards while my wife slept.

The other addition was the cauldron:
[Image: 33435027705_50a3fde44f_c.jpg]

I needed something that could be used to activate the portal (a DHD if you will). So I used the alternate piece that I made for the top of the new temple and just sat the cauldron that I made for the 1" base competition on top. The gate could ba activated by blood sacrifice.

All in all I feel my first Frostgrave campaign was a huge success. We had fun playing and I had fun making this world. Time to start building for the next campaign.
Remember in the last post - where I brought something back from the very first page of this thread? Well I'm doin' it again!

(07-01-2015, 08:37 PM)SethDrallitoc Wrote: [Image: IMG_9621_zpsgxwb3g01.jpg]

Ripping old dead projects to bits and salvaging them for parts:
[Image: 33059772860_8fc0967917_c.jpg]

Perhaps I should start at the beginning.

I have been sharing my progress on this project with people over on facebook and in turn, I have seen a couple of
other people's Lustria themed projects which have inspired me.

First off was this one: I love these simple steps!

Secondly this: Which shares some common themes with that monstrosity I posted above.

I wanted to smash the two together and add my own unique style.

As has become my habit I began with the stairs:
[Image: 32628865473_6ea0061d5b_c.jpg]

I had very specific ideas of the thickness of foam that I wanted for the balustrade. Though try as I might I couldn't wind a piece large enough.

Driving to the hardware store was not an option:
[Image: 32629246943_0ef96f7b04_c.jpg]

So the above carnage ensued.

After putting off working out all day to work on this instead... I really have to get myself on the treadmill.

So this is where it stands for the time being:
[Image: 33059778860_0c1f57e7de_c.jpg]

Not as large as the last one - bigger than most of my current terrain pieces. I even have plans for the interior this time.

p.s. I got a massive burst of pride this morning. You know you're doing something right - when the author of the game you're building for, compliments your efforts!
[Image: 33402427826_b3ced7557f.jpg]
[Image: 33314911151_b686dd6f51.jpg]

I'm sure he was just being polite - but it put a smile on my face.
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Yeah, he commented on my Dwarves too - I felt great!
I think Mr. MacCullough was being accurate. It is a fabulous table.

Here's where it stands, end of day 2:

[Image: 33083957160_24472e7af2_c.jpg]

Some engraving, some painting, some glueing and a few new parts.

See you tomorrow!
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Day 3

Considering calling
it a day....

[Image: 33324705812_f53f24d46a_c.jpg]
The Temple of the Spider Goddess, Day 4:

It doesn't look very different on the outside:
[Image: 33405068242_4c464dfd13_c.jpg]

Mostly because I have been spending time working on my new warband:
[Image: 33433025701_d11c1e1731_c.jpg]

Also, because I had to begin working on the interior:
[Image: 32718449694_57acb6ebb1_c.jpg]
[Image: 32718450184_b1cd1d54bf_c.jpg]

The secret staircase is made entirely from layers of foam-core:
[Image: 33405070822_4193b167de_c.jpg]
[Image: 33433028051_07eb7dbcbd_c.jpg]
[Image: 33561757155_7c0332989e_c.jpg]

This will be the entrance to an underground cave system - which is something to look forward to.

Till then we will have a few more surface games to play. Scenario 3 required "Spider Holes" so I also started work on that. First cutting the rough shape:
[Image: 33433033871_ca003dd896_c.jpg]

Then sealing and painting:
[Image: 33433030571_bcaef3a695_c.jpg]
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Today was a bust with regards to the Temple.

I didn't even touch it. Instead, I focused on painting miniatures and writing scenarios. Our next game is on Friday and I have 2 miniatures finished of the 12 that I need.

I did manage to complete the first spider hole:
[Image: 33580112565_1f4ff03e9d_c.jpg]

I like to include images at the top of our scenario sheets. So I stage pictures and run them through the Prism App.

Here is today's:
[Image: 33423556302_683b7b105d_c.jpg]
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