Drallitoc's Lost Jungle Temple
Very nice. The Prism pic looks epic.
A huge motivation to gain a wonder of the world!
Trapdoor Spider hole! Say there'll be a Trapdoor Spider hole.
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Wow, the picture looks great. What filter did you use in prism?
(03-22-2017, 10:53 AM)Alabastero Wrote: Wow, the picture looks great. What filter did you use in prism?

Mononoke? - I think - My mobile-phone is dead at the moment.
Ooooh, that's cool!
Temple of the spider Goddess Day 5 - More carving and painting and careful adjusting:

[Image: 33723336631_23cc9d7666_c.jpg]
[Image: 33852876115_22eb8e1f2f_c.jpg]

I made the actual sarcophagus: 

[Image: 33723338631_2a9b2f02ba_c.jpg]
[Image: 33723334991_26c69cc0a5_c.jpg]

I took a break from the temple to replace the plastic ladders that I had been using in games, with something better - while I was at it I hit all the other scaffold sections with a few washes: 

[Image: 33723342511_e9bd3639e0_c.jpg]
[Image: 33852876895_de786515b6_c.jpg]
[Image: 33811947716_f006524856_c.jpg]

Which got me headed in a different direction:

[Image: 33723340911_079535daf6_c.jpg]
[Image: 33723337231_9541b2e16b_c.jpg]
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So now my time is divided.

Day 6 Temple of the Spider Goddess
The main section is now glued together and base-coating has begun:
[Image: 33009765274_bc9c692bb6_c.jpg]

Day 2 Amazon Sky-Village
Playing our last game on those elevated platforms has sparked an idea for a whole new setting. I started some new walkways:
[Image: 33009763494_d6d54f1f6c.jpg]
including a really long one:
[Image: 33009762684_bf39a64bf6_c.jpg]
Completed the first platform:
[Image: 33009760224_4895098c2a_c.jpg]
The scaffold came together quickly:
[Image: 33812267326_c1de0b3e70_c.jpg]
Started thinking about the actual buildings:
[Image: 33009758634_cd6af0b5d6.jpg]
These things probably won't see the table for a few months - but I am getting ideas down in my notebook as they come to me. These simple experiments help spark my imagination - pushing me in new directions.

Day 1 Ruins of Arach
With all that I have going on -- including a week long road-trip in a few days time -- my opponent and I have decided to take a step away from our new campaign. Instead, we've agreed to play a couple of simple treasure grab games - in order to boost our wizards before returning to the story. I like to have at least one new piece of terrain on the table every time we pla, but for the next couple of games, we will just be using what we have. Giving me more time to complete the big centrepiece.

I have our next scenario planned The Ruins of Arach and have begun the process of building terrain for that game. which is very simple and should take no more than a day or two (If I focus on that one thing alone [what are the chances of that though?]). Here is where it stands so far:
[Image: 33812262576_06ba2f820a_c.jpg]
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Day 7 - Temple of the Spider Goddess

Last day of working on this for a while.... The non-loomingness (that's a word now) of this deadline has allowed me to savour things more than I usually do. For example, a second basecoat? A thing unheard of in my life, for about a decade!

Yet behold:
[Image: 33053693163_586fa550cb_c.jpg]

I know I suck at paint. Everything I do just looks black...

Like this actual (for real) portrait - hanging in my dining room:
[Image: 33053827053_9c310bc54a_c.jpg]

My favourite part about today - was hiding the functionality of this piece. I love a good seamless join:
[Image: 33825951516_61222deee8_c.jpg]
[Image: 33710707592_8d00670f83_c.jpg]

I will see you all in a week or so - I am going to enter the comp as soon as I get back. I will lose to a - last minute, Extraevildave entry (which I will vote for).

I will see y'all* then!

*I'm heading to Virginia.
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That's simply AMMMMAZZZZZING!!!!!
The Amazon's skyway is a huge project to carry on. I can't still wait to see how you'll take it real, if plain or overgrown with climbing plants, or...?  Smile

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