Drallitoc's Lustrian Invasion Force (RATS)
A small spattering of my Skaven... In various stages of completion (I never finish a mini - I'm constantly adding things and repainting parts)

[Image: IMG_9383_zpsgqoviekb.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9389_zpsx3avkgfs.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9387_zpscbwdzpjg.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9367_zpsa1ay43mj.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9374_zpscfzya7te.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9376_zps6cmpmwra.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9379_zps4w6kuuby.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9382_zpssqdjnlss.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9391_zpsuhdlueqf.jpg]
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Nice, you have a very natural painting style. The colors look great for dingy rats. That ooze on the rat-a-pult is properly disgusting. Smile
Yeah, it looks like it's about to hurl a delicious mixture of snot and tapioca. Terrifying and awesomely gross!

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