Tau Outpost
Hello all,

I've been around for some time now, lurking for tips and inspiration on this wonderful site/forum. All this time I was swearing to myself that I would post my best creations here to inspire in turn my fellow modellists.

So here I am, and my first post is about my Tau outpost base.

[Image: TauOutpost.jpg]

I made this set for a narrative game of Wh40k a few month ago, and I had to keep it simple so I could finish it before the game.

So far, the base consists in:
1 hangar (long enough for a Riptide to lay inside),
4 defense barricades "compatible" with GW Aegis defense line
1 landing pad
2 small building pods (power stations)

Here are some details, additional pictures and work-in-progress;

Defense barricades are made from dairy desserts pots covered in Apoxie putty.
[Image: TauDefense_WIP.jpg]
[Image: TauDefense.jpg]

The hangar is made of wallpaper roll
[Image: TauHangar_WIP.jpg]

The landing pad was a CD case
[Image: TauLandingPad.jpg]

And the power generators are made from various bottle caps.

I will try to post some additional pictures in the future, as I only have the ones taken during the game and as WIP at hand.

Figurines: Grand Ju & Echo
Photo shoot: Echo (the good pictures) & myslelf
These are some nice examples of re-purposed materials. I've had a lot of those CD containers and I always hesitate before throwing them out thinking they could be good for something. That something is a heli-pad!
Wow! This little outpost is great! This is one of those examples of great terrain from recycled junk. I especially like the hanger just because of the nice lines. In fact, I think all the pieces nicely go together due to the big arcing curves that run through the theme. Those little power pods are sweet too; simple, clean, effective.
I used to love making this kind of repurposed terrain - back in the days of Necromunda and Inquisitor. Now that I only really make terrain for Fantasy - I find myself throwing away useful looking parts all the time.
I'm back, and I decided to "process" my salvaged material bin.
The result is some new T'au terrain designed to complement the previous set and also be modular  Big Grin

Here is what I've done so far (partial paint, sorry Undecided )

First, some small houses/tents, made from yoghurt pots:
[Image: XBydta30xWIhhlhrsIVrB-dPw8wn7Q2RgHEpaITf...00-h376-no]

Some random buildings. They can be stacked:
[Image: j-EHihOiZOTE4SI3L7uskapxp2e2Q7RRiTF6lEt-...00-h371-no]
[Image: lPMLVSD7gzyZap_VzdmKGmb33qIoyyJHYIDjrxnq...00-h646-no]

What could be a RADAR dome, out of an (very weathered) half tennis ball:
[Image: SR-Oom63x4msZXSOOztgTmXpZt10csfkO-Kb87le...00-h692-no]

A shield generator and a conveniently fitting base:
[Image: cfF3cpcGJS2DqwNoNJIuQmM0BqzYg01Fi9x1bjRW...89-h299-no]

A watchtower:
[Image: 2COvXxRYHi2TSD0E9yrI3WVELkRIccK8c1mHvUcV...00-h682-no]

What could be a AC vent or a sewage system:
[Image: n2fCBCPUp1ndQH5LJY4LvWwbKYA7n5WLlGs45wmo...00-h414-no]

A catwalk, with a cunning snap-fit system designed to give some grip on any building with a small rim such as the round buildings:
[Image: 8CxHcxvlxfmZmaDd2qYEXTfP7_e2cDM4pm_f09gU...00-h350-no]

Ah, and I made a family picture! Here is what my T'au outpost currently looks like:
[Image: dVQK7-GQHkwIVyPWu1Ojw620sE9AmrkFWa5ovrcC...00-h455-no]

OK That's all for today. I hope I will be able to stay around more now  Angel
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This stuff is cool and very thematic. I like your use of improvised materials. I've always struggled with giving my stuff this kind of unified look.
(05-27-2017, 07:10 PM)gmillar Wrote: This stuff is cool and very thematic. I like your use of improvised materials. I've always struggled with giving my stuff this kind of unified look.

Thanks Gmillar! I was saving a some of these "garbage materials" for several month (or years?), waiting to have enough bits/time combination to start something.
I guess the key to bind things together is colour scheme and a few recurring patterns. In my case round shapes in grey/blue/white tones did the trick.

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