Drallitoc's Pestilence Stricken Town
Surface indented:
[Image: IMG_9886_zpszjr8mq74.jpg]

Undercoated Neutral Grey:
[Image: 002_zpslrcnk0lc.jpg]

Bricks picked out in Burnt Umber:
[Image: 003_zpsdbtfldw3.jpg]

Then I pick out random bricks with combinations of browns and oranges. Stippled on with a stipple brush - with the excess removed by dabbing with a dry finger: [Image: 004_zpsyrbtkmxr.jpg]

This example didn't turn out as well as my previous test. It was a little rushed and I didn't use as many brown/orange tones - but you get the idea.
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Those bricks are seriously gorgeous, and a great reminder that at some point I need to butcher a paint brush and make a stamp.
So - as some of you may be aware, procrastination over my competition entry, led me to starting a whole bunch of other things.

These things:
[Image: 26150025926_b568dd7baf_c.jpg]

It started with this piece. Which I just made up as I went along. I had no drawings or designs in mind. I trial and error-ed my way through.
[Image: 25778191293_cb732a4a4c_z.jpg]
[Image: 26108102290_e63fd66df2_z.jpg]
[Image: 26314722661_00a030b83c_z.jpg]
[Image: 26355041306_3460c6a9bc_z.jpg]

As you can see - there is still work to be done. The brickwork is very nearly complete as I type this. The chimney pot still needs gluing and painting. The doors still need detailing - but it's getting there. The door on the second story was a late addition. I came up with the idea of adding a modular set of wooden scaffold/walkway/staircase things. It will bring an extra dimension of play into games.

[Image: 26380920535_141f74f598_z.jpg]
[Image: 26380920375_8cfc393cc7_z.jpg]

Once I had the shape of this building I went searching for other shapes to build. I scoured through ancient White Dwarf magazines and found some tutorials.

Including this Barn:
[Image: 26108101680_79a46cb415_z.jpg]

I then came across images of the old Warhammer Townscape. These were cardboard cutout models released in the late 80's. I remember lusting after them as a child - but I never actually obtained a set while they were in production. Looking at pictures I created my own foamcore reproductions of several of them making slight modifications here and there.

So now my pestilent town is starting to take form. I am going to try and focus on getting pieces done one at a time over the next few weeks.
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These are looking really nice.
What a great set this is turning out to be! Keep up the good work.
The modular stairways are an awesome idea to increase playability. Really makes me want to pick up mordheim again.

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