Wingtail's Dreadfleet Minis
Hey all, I thought the forum died until I came across the tiny link at the top of the old forum site stating that it moved. Boy am I glad that it didn't go bye, bye. At any rate I figured I'd post some of my stuff here for others to see and inspire. The pictures below are a commission I did for a friend for his Dreadfleet game. I painted them up to the standard colors. Unfortunately this was one of my first picture taking attempts so the pics are not the best quality but still show the minis somewhat. My favorites are the Kraken and Shadewraith. Enjoy.

[Image: QzvD2mc.jpg]

[Image: 56ZKdZf.jpg]

[Image: iabOeLt.jpg]
Shadewraith 2

[Image: n0MLpxo.jpg]

[Image: hkUmV04.jpg]

[Image: Cws69nB.jpg]

[Image: b92SAxu.jpg]

[Image: yNyQpDM.jpg]
Grimnir's Thunder

[Image: EDwAHPG.jpg]
Curse of Zandri

[Image: Wm3BTnI.jpg]
Black Kraken
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All nicely done! The Black Kraken is by far my favorite of the sculpts, and the paintjob on it is fantastic.
The one thing that I was really pleased with overall was the Water Effects. I probably spent the most time on that building up the layers and dry brushing and blending. I look forward to putting the techniques to use on future projects.
OOoooooo, nice.  Cool  I think my favorite bit is the shading on the Shadewraith sails. I would be shocked if that ship did not in fact glow in the dark!

I had my hands on a Dreadfleet box for $5 on quickly exchanged it for $20. You're starting to make me regret that decision.
The Shadewraith was one of the easier ones to paint. All I did was paint it white, and then do a few layers of wash of some watered down green paint. Worked very well.
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Wow... Your patience is INTENSE. Fantastic stuff, friend.

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