It's so NICE here. Woooo!
I just thought I'd say that I peeked around the web while I was looking for some forums that might be friendly to just general miniatures that aren't leaning specifically toward gaming or landscape primarily and I have to say there weren't any that seemed super welcoming. A lot were really out of date and like still running on Yahoo and using mailing list conversations. There was one that was really polished and active that I was almost interested in, except they specified (very emphatically and more than once) that they only wanted a certain 'standard' of miniature and that while they supposed they weren't always, they were 'often very expensive'. I was like... what the heck is this D: And then I came back here cause y'all are nice and mellow and nobody's acting up on their high horses.

And gardens are the nicest part of miniatures anyway. So there.
Yeah, its cool here!

I am a (senior) member of another forum that does minis and terrain - although it is themed for certain kinds of Skirmish Games (Necromunda, Mordheim and Gorkamorka in particular) and they are very nice over there too! (In fact, a lot of members here are members over there Smile )

YakTribe Gaming
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W00t! Yeah, the whole point behind Terragenesis was to let us all share ideas such that we could all make better (and usually cheaper!) terrain. While its foundations were in tabletop miniature gaming, there are techniques from so many other aspects of making miniature stuff (like model trains, WWII dioramas, dollhouses, etc) that are applicable, the community became much more open. And I think we have all benefited as a result. I know I've learned a lot from various TG members over the years, and see new stuff all the time. I am also consistently blown away by the cool stuff people come up with.
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Totally true. I've learned so many things coming here. Though, considering how noob I was, basically everything is learning for me. I am still trying to learn the lingo even. But my friend taught me roughly how to play the Warhammer style game. I don't know anything about the different kinds of that kind of game or any complicated rules, but I get the gist now and it's pretty cool.
Ha! Glad you like it. There is definitely a different, unexplainable vibe here. Not that I don't think you could hold your own on a fancy miniature forum because your final products are so very high quality, but I'm screw 'em! Wink
Hey, I just thought I'd pop in on this old thread of mine (rather than take up room with another... I'm so thoughtful.) to say hi since it's been a while. I thought I'd peek in and see what everyone's been up to. HI!
We've just started a new competition if you're interested BM Smile
BlueMeander is back! Woohoo!
(05-10-2016, 09:26 AM)djmothra Wrote: We've just started a new competition if you're interested BM Smile

I'm not sure "BM" is the best nickname for me. 


Anyway, nice to see y'all. I'm thinking a competition would be good motivation to pick up a project. I'll be scoping out what I missed on the forums over the next few days, I'm sure.
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Welcome back! Smile
We missed your whimsy-ness-es!

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