Those are incredible! As always. What are they made out of?
(08-27-2015, 10:58 AM)SethDrallitoc Wrote: Those are incredible! As always. What are they made out of?

Polymer clay. It's pretty easy to work with. Mostly translucent clay that's textured with sand paper and a bamboo skewer, then dusted with chalk pastels and baked.
I've been pretty tired lately. The energy I've had around work and life I've used for making things. Usually I snap a picture here and there but I haven't put them anywhere usually. So I'm sitting on some pics of stuff and I'm sure you were all crying yourselves to sleep each night because you don't have pictures of my stupid beach so I'm here to give you some peace and stay those tears.

[Image: IMG_2335.jpg]

I made some tiny stuff for the scene and didn't take pictures of most of it. But I really tried to cross all my Ts and dot all my Is here so stuff like the pillow has been stuffed (although it was glued, not sewn.) And the flip flops are carved of wood and strung with thread straps instead of just being paint (though good luck telling that without magnification. As usual, my details are kind of pointless.)

[Image: IMG_2336.jpg]

Here it is with the water effects still wet in a couple spots (particularly where it's splashing hard up against the rocks on shore) so you can't really call this 100% finished, but it's pretty close. I'm still also going to add a little sand to the edges of the rocks and stuff so they look more settled, but I want the water to dry fully before I add any loose sand to go tumbling around.

[Image: IMG_2337.jpg]

Here's a closeup of the stuff. I tried to buffer the line between the real sand and the faux micro sand. The micro sand really had a nice size and texture over the paint I think (and better than the real sand) but I wanted to use the real sand for sentimental reasons. I used a sandpaper file on the edge to try to break down some of it and make it more micro. (The realisation that I was using sandpaper on sand was lost to me until just this moment.) After I put in some of the little rocks and shells I think it helped the transition a little but eh.

Oh yeah! And the gin and tonic is kinda more like a BOWL o tonic. Oops. Oh well, who doesn't love a lot of gin and tonic? I made a cup by dipping clear liquid polymer on a tiny ball tool a couple times and drying between layers with a heat gun. Then I trimmed it down and filed the bottom to sit flat. I filled it with water effects and Diamond Dust (which is crushed glass glitter) as the ice, though I think it will take a while for the water effects to dry out enough to see how clear it will look. Resin might have been a better choice but I chose to be lazy on this detail. If it really doesn't turn out I will remake it.

[Image: IMG_2338.jpg]
Here's my waves. I'm not sure how I did. Probably they could have been worse, but the first waves I ever saw made were by the Terranscapes guy so I had a ridiculously skilled standard in my head that I was holding myself to.

[Image: IMG_2339.jpg]

The decision to let the edge be a bit wavy in order to bring some movement to the piece turned out okay, I guess. It does distort the contents a little with is half annoying and half cool because it reminds me a little of when you open your eyes under water XD  At first I was a bit panicked because, when I took the barrier mold thing off, it was frosted and I thought I'd have to live with it. As it turns out, I painted a thin layer of resin on it and it brought it back to shiny immediately.  I was less stressed with having some bubbles in the resin this time and even intentionally tried to put some in cause like... ocean or whatever.
[Image: IMG_2340.jpg]
I had these waves crashing up onto rocks in the corners and they're mostly clear with some white accents. I'm waiting for them to turn clear so I can decide if I need to do more with them.

[Image: 12049281_10203363843095700_439420506924309007_n.jpg]

Right now it's kind of looking like this. Still waiting for it to completely cure. I'm going to give it a couple days and then see. But my mom saw it and was freaking out and wanted to take it to work for her desk so she's going to bring it home this weekend so I can do some touchups if needed.
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Abso-freakin-amazing! Big Grin I think the scalloped water edge is perfect. This is way more detail that I was imagining. You know those sandal straps are thread & that's all that matters. If your mom is anything like mine, if you tell her, she will in turn point it out to every dang person she can as well.
True that, friend. XD Does your mom must love when you make her things n....n
I know this project has pretty much already been seen, but I realised I never put up the fully dry photos where the waves looked less solid white. So if you wanted to see it finished, whatever, here it is. If not, THERE'S THE DOOR WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE WHATEVER.

[Image: 12138621_10153275433094422_2958910976963042205_o.jpg]

Size reference

[Image: 12094957_10153275433069422_6384362587535108256_o.jpg]

[Image: 12132535_10153275433224422_3489816682480214978_o.jpg]

[Image: 12079785_10153275433294422_2185629457530986591_o.jpg]

[Image: 12087081_10153275433309422_7854783339189921326_o.jpg]

This is my favorite shot cause it feels like as close as you could get to sitting on the mini beach.

[Image: 12141138_10153275433229422_2821055900056760442_o.jpg]

The end.

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Thank you for commenting on your work again.

I was away from TG (and terrain building in general) for a decent while and I missed all your initial posts. Each time one of these pops up it's like getting a surprise gift in the mail.

Your work is amazing. Smile

I have yet to take the plunge into modeling or working with resin, but seeing your and Melly's work makes my want to try.

I'm glad you joined us here to share your work. Everyone brings their own gifts and experience with them and we are the richer for it.

Happy building!
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It's nice you'd mention me along with Melly because I consider her to be MY SENSEI OMG. Actually, the only reason I'm even here is because I watched Melly's Terrain Wench videos on YouTube for her spawning pool and I was like HOW THE HOLY CRAP DID THAT PERSON MAKE STONE THAT LOOKED LIKE THAT HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE. I was so floored I couldn't believe a person could create that kind of realism. So I watched all her videos and then e-mailed her to be like I LOVE YOU and show her what I made because of her tutorial (this goldfish pond) and she was nice to me and didn't call me a stalker and told me I should come here on the forum. At first I was kind of nervous because I'm actually pretty shy about talking to strangers on the internet (I can totally talk to you in person. I'm the opposite of most people! XD) Anyway, Melly is my idol and I'm glad she puts up with me acting like a stray dog around her.

Anyway, I don't think the resin is as bad as it is sometimes made out to be so you should definitely try it. Maybe part of it is that I'm usually working in super small scales (I really like tiny stuff, obviously.) and maybe there's not enough to generate melting-level heat. But I've always found that if you really make sure you measure and mix well, then you usually don't have any problems. Or I guess I've never had any problems. Maybe I shouldn't speak for everyone. When I want to embed stuff, I usually wait about four hours after a pour (when it's firm, but not hard as a rock) and stuff can kinda sit in it without falling over or sinking in deep and I pour another layer at that point. I found when I waited for it to cure entirely, it created sort of a line if you look a it sideways. Maybe not a problem if you're doing something like a water feature that's inside a terrain but if you can see the sides of the resin, like in this beach or in a fish tank or something, then the band lines from different pours would be not great.

Also, I had a lot of bubble problems at first and people would say stuff like 'pop them with a heat gun!' but for me that wasn't really working cause I always had a ton of micro bubbles. Now I use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner home model to jostle up the bubbles. I've turned resin that was basically stirred into foam back into crystal clear resin using this thing so I really recommend it. Though you may have already known that about resin so no bother then!
Jeeez Blue... Blush People are going to think I'm paying you to hype me up!
Aren't you though? I'm expecting my check, you know. You better not disappoint me.
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