Pikachu Sandwich
I made some bread, tomato, and cucumber canes a couple months back, but they were the first ones I made so they were kinda middle road detail and I'd rather strive for better detail. Still, I didn't want to waste it so I thought maybe if I make some more cartoony pieces, they'll be more fitting.

[Image: 11921645_899383243480359_2038524596087526459_n.jpg]

Someone on my instagram feed made a Rilakkuma sandwich and I felt inspired but didn't want to copy their idea. Instead I decided to make a Pikachu sandwich. Since my canes are somewhere between realistic and cartoony, I decided to do the same with the pikachu.

[Image: 11259043_899383260147024_3161757656964566593_n.jpg]

I tried to make it shaped more like a real animal might be, but still just clay texture and not furry or anything.

[Image: 11052036_10203213827305399_7375822590213865998_n.jpg]

Then I chopped it in half and gutted it a bit. I made a liver, some ribs and spine, and intenstines.

[Image: 11889445_899383293480354_9186899690266182233_n.jpg]

AND GOOP! Then I whipped up a cutting board and some potato chips. It's a thing now. Pikachu sandwich. This is how I spent my evening cause I'm stressed about trying to make coral for my beach build and I'm putting it off. 
LoL, this is disgusting and hilarious at the same time. What is your 'goop' recipe? That looks great.
.... Anyone else feeling really hungry after seeing this?
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Hahahaha. The olives are what make this for me.  Hilarious and awesome!
Bwaha ha ha ha.
And now I'm hungry.
(08-25-2015, 07:38 AM)MellyMonkey Wrote: LoL, this is disgusting and hilarious at the same time. What is your 'goop' recipe? That looks great.

Thanks, all! Just keeping it light hearted.

Melly, it's actually just liquid polymer straight up with a little fuchsia chalk pastel in it. I also dropped in a vertebral joint and half a kidney or liver or something. Part of the sliced tomato is in there too. Sometimes cuts aren't totally clean, ya know? : D I baked the wet pile directly on a tray, so you can actually pick it up as a whole fake blood pile/sandwich that's connected with intestines. It's not mounted to the board or anything.

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