My favorite tape measure broke! The stopper end just snapped off at 4cm and the tape flew into the case and I couldn't get it out. Sad day. Sad So I decided we'd have a little funeral.

[Image: 11888113_10203217093587054_8921448314490604068_n.jpg]

There was a great turnout. Even that soldier from Dark Tower showed up and he hasn't been in town for a LONG time. It was really sweet of him to make an appearance.

[Image: 11035742_10203217093747058_7988413832017744417_n.jpg]

Everybody had a chance to say goodbye and there was lots of consolation.

[Image: 11953048_10203217093987064_5152449796299275098_n.jpg]

When I carted the body off to get cracked open and salvage body parts for transplant, Teddy broke open incredibly cleanly and I realised there may yet be hope!

[Image: 11781671_10203217094227070_2864781984442347951_n.jpg]

It took a little while and Teddy isn't quite the same as they were before, but they're still with us and I think that's what should be focused on. I now call them Terrainbear. I still don't know what originally caused this, but I'm glad I still have my bear tape measure. ;...;
Arghhhhhh Zombie tape measure.
Kill it, kill it quick, before it bites all your measuring devices and makes them zombies too.
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Hahahaha! Oh, and <Fred Gwynn> "Sometimes dead is bettah." </Fred Gwynn>
Something tells me if my other measuring tape gets bit, he deserved it.

And ACCCCCCK I cannot put my feet down on the ground when I sit up in bed forever now because of that movie.

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