Failed! Share your false good ideas
Hello all,

Did it happen to any of you to have what seemed like a good idea or a clever trick that did not end up so well?

I do believe that sharing misfortunes and false good ideas is as important as sharing the good ones, so that everyone does not fall into the same trap.

For example, a few years ago, I though to use pigeon feathers to represents leaves of a palm tree. Feathers are however very hard to paint and still recognisable at first glance on my terrain... At least I know better now Smile

[Image: FeatherPalm.jpg]

Did anyone had similar experiences (not necessarily with feathers or palm trees)?
Hhhhm, interesting thought... there probably is some vegetation this would be a good material to start with. If nothing else, I could see it being some kind of alien plants!

The most memorable horror story I have involves spices... I found this amazing miniature artist who did a Mars landscape using paprika, cinnamon, nutmeg and various other spices as his ground cover. (Check it our here... it's super cool.) I thought this would be a great way to may a dusty, wild west atmosphere quite cheaply because I had a lot of bases to do. I needed lighter colors than the Mars example though, so I mixed onion powder, garlic powder, cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, some sand. While it looked great, it never crossed my mind that onion powder has a pretty strong smell; so does garlic; and cinnamon; and cumin; and nutmeg... all smells that do not mesh well together. Of course I based like 6 large bases at once and the moisture from the glue I think amplified the putrid stench. It pretty much filled the whole apartment we were in at the time. I had to set the pieces outside for a week or 2 before they were bearable to be around. I wouldn't say it's something I would NEVER do again, but I would definitely plan accordingly.
I created a Wood Elf waystone out of foam. It was commissioned. Along with a display board for a woodelf army.

Anyway, I had it all painted. I had WoodElf runes carved into it. It was all done. I decided to use a spray seal to finish it up and protect the paint job. But somewhere in those incised runes there must have been pinholes.

It got inside, there was melting and ruination.

I had to build another one.

Omg, this is the best thread ever. : D It brings me a ton of joy.

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