The Shatterer repaint (Guild Wars 2)
I got a commission to repaint and fancify a statue/figurine thing of a dragon called "The Shatterer" from Guild Wars 2. I'm calling this a mini because, in terms of dragons, it's totally a mini dragon figure : D (Also, forgive my monitor. I'm in the process of repainting it with a rad candy stripe but it's boring and I have temporarily quit doing so.)

I don't personally play this game so I'm not super familiar with it but I saw some pictures and some videos to get the feel and compared it to the model I was provided with. I felt like the whole environment from the game felt really grey and purple. (I guess the purple is part of an infection or something.) So there's purple crystals and some purple grass and the dragon itself is glowing with purple lightning that seems like it kinda holds it all together.

[Image: 11879074_916729098412440_5270467491557175493_o.jpg]

The person just 'wanted it to look cooler'. So I thought the first thing that should go was their 'crystals'. I GUESS it was supposed to be crystals. There's some plastic crystals near where the dragon perches, but they're basically ambery-ivory when, in the game screenshots, it has a definitely purple feel. The snow/ash crap they put on there (supposed to be small crystals?) just didn't look cool at all. I knew it was a pretty expensive model, but it didn't seem very rad for that price. So I chipped it all off and got a new product to try out which I thought would be more reflective. I used some pearlized paint, as per Tob's suggestion in our butterfly experiment thread, to give it some reflective qualities to (hopefully) help it feel lighter and brighter.

[Image: 11845240_916729101745773_6065262447037021648_o.jpg]

Even though the actual buildings aren't purple and don't have a purple cast in the game, I gave them some drybrushing with purple, more intense at the top, because the dragon is supposed to glow and, one assumes, produce light. So it's sort of to give it a feel like he's casting light or just to leave one with the impression that the area is infected and stained in this purple business. (The person commissioning said this plan was fine with them.) I used a combination of materials for the base, but mostly just natural sand and rocks that I added a little paint to in order to help transition from the bottom to the castle and up into the rocks. I think the glass glitter worked out pretty well. I was able to dye it a bit by shaking a baggie of it with paint so there's some clear glass, which reflects and sparkles nicely, and some purple tinted glass which is still see through and cute and gives it some color.

They also had me do a mini along with it of an archer that is out of scale but it's what they wanted. Still don't feel like mini painting is a strong suit but I tried it with model paint this time (as per Melly's/Everyone's feedback) and it was certainly easier to use than acrylic.

I'm not loading up pictures here or anything but if you want to see more of the repaint on the dragon or different shots and better crystal shots or something I put some pics on my baby facebook page I've started but am not very committed to yet.

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I'm confused, did you just chip off the original paint on the crystals & repaint with pearlized paint? or the chip the whole crystal off & make your own? Either way, I like the look of them.
(09-29-2015, 08:48 PM)MellyMonkey Wrote: I'm confused, did you just chip off the original paint on the crystals & repaint with pearlized paint? or the chip the whole crystal off & make your own? Either way, I like the look of them.

Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. The whole thing came with crystals on it-- like white sandy powder. I guess they were supposed to be crystals anyway. There were two large actually formed crystals on it that were supposed to be purple but they were kind of clear milky amber and not produced well. The dragon was really muted, compared to the advertisement photos they used. So I basically repainted the whole dragon the colors it was supposed to be, but brighter and in the nooks and crannies that manufacturing skipped. I chipped off the white powder and repainted the whole mountain and castle with more detailed stone tones and added the purple tones for an artistic choice. I added new material to be the crystals and painted/tinted some of that material so the crystals had color variation. I repainted the molded crystals on the mountain and added new basing to help blend the courtyard area with the mountain and to cover up the logo.  So overall the commission wasn't a repaint where I changed the whole look so much as to make it look like it was supposed to if it weren't a shoddy mass manufacturing sort of situation.

There's more pictures of the original here::

(Oh, and thank you!)

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