Holidays Building Binge|Group Effort|Build Party
This was in response to a question Andy Asked in the Off-Topic section:

A fun idea that I have seen tried on another forum that we could adapt is to dedicate a thread to a holidays painting binge. Somebody would start a thread at a set time and it would be open to whoever could paint up minis, everybody was invited to post progress pics and chatter as they worked. Last one I saw was held during the American/USA Thanksgiving Extended Weekend.

For a TG, terrain building, version: How about a start of Noon on Christmas Eve, London Time to 23:59 hours New Years Day, Honolulu Time?

No prizes particularly. Just bragging rights for whoever builds the most-est, biggest, teensiest, or tallest, etc. terrain objects during the 'online build party'.

Everybody participating posts to the same thread: chatter, pics, suggestions, encouragement, help requests.

I think this could be fun. The proposed time frame is 178 hours. The goal is to test ourselves and the new forum, see what can be done in a fairly quick timeframe, make some terrain, see what happens with a long thread, and just have some fun. If a different time frame, some other start/finish hours would be better please post a reply. Maybe stopping short of New Year's Eve is better?

I don't mind setting up the thread (probably in the WiP section) and serving as timekeeper. After the event is over we can all make individual threads in the Show Off section of whatever gets finished.

Respond to this thread if interested. There is no theme, apart from "terrain", just whatever is fun to build.

We should totally do this anyways another weekend

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