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Another old comp entry from the former TG site.  This was my first comp entry.

Three urban elements: 28mm
First: missile silo acting as a low hill providing elevation & improved fields of fire.
Second: vent stack that blocks movement & line of site.
Third: wire obstacle composed of Czech Hedgehogs, concertina wire & anti-tank mines restricting dismounted & vehicular movement.
All are based on 1/8" hardboard.
The silo measures 13.5" x 11.5" & is made of 1" pink insulation foam, 1/4" foamcore, thick card & the tops of 4 paste tubes. The entire piece was covered in a very watery plaster mix then spinkled with dry plaster & stippled with a coarse brush. This was then painted grey & washed with a mix of PVA glue, water, black & burnt umber craft paint. It was then drybrushed with light grey, burnt siena, & orange for rust effects.
Vent stack measures 12" x 4.5" & stands 7.5" tall. It is constructed of 1" & 2" pink insulation foam covered with thin card & granny grating for the vent itself. This was under coated black, then washed with a dirty purple & PVA mix, then drybrushed with grey & stippled with the same rust mix as above.
Wire obstacle measures 8" x 4.5" & is 1.5" tall. Hedgehogs were made of styrene H columns. Wire is floral wire twisted on itself & then wrapped around a marker. Drybrushed as above for rust, then stippled with aluminum.
All bases were covered in PVA, kitty litter, & model railroad ballast. Base then washed with mix of thinned PVA, burnt umber, burnt siena & black. Drybrushed dark then light grey.
[Image: 22980107891_5053746631_h.jpg]
[Image: 22550615527_3c5a7395e8_b.jpg][Image: 22980106551_ddc6eb6253_b.jpg][Image: 22346237534_4790b68187_b.jpg][Image: 22980107231_2e2e25f058_b.jpg][Image: 22346238184_e5af13c555_b.jpg]
Comments, questions and criticism always welcome.
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Thanks for taking the time to move that over to the new system. Smile
Looks absolutely fantastic. I could hardly believe it's made out of foam! The card and plaster really do it justice.

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