another old comp entry - Reach for the Sky
This was was my second comp entry over at the old TG.

Command & Control Tower for WH 40K
Created for the Reach For The Sky Competition.
Scale: 28mm
Based on 1/8" hardboard.
My goal was to complement the pieces that I built for the Basics Competition. The tower measures 6.5" x 4" x 22.5" & is made of layered 1" pink insulation foam, 1/4" foam-core, mat board, thick & thin card.
Bits used: an old smoke alarm for the platform, some scrap corrugated tubing on the sides and various odds & ends for the communications array.
The top vent was built up using foam-core and thin card for the corners and granny grating for the vent grate. The platform and entry doors were assembled from built-up mat board, painted with black and yellow caution stripes and stippled with black and chrome silver.
The tower was sprayed with a base coat of grey. This was then washed with a mix of PVA glue, water, black & purple craft paint. Details were picked out in grey, silver, & burnt sienna. It was then dry-brushed repeatedly with light grey, burnt sienna, & stippled orange for rust effects.
Scraps of foam, granny grating and card were glued to the base which was then covered in PVA, kitty litter, & model railroad ballast. Base was then washed with mix of thinned PVA, burnt umber, burnt sienna & black. Dry brushed with burnt sienna then light grey.
[Image: 22550710488_33a8623eaf_b.jpg]
[Image: 22550646127_d8dacc220b_b.jpg][Image: 22980139441_584ede4c33_b.jpg]
[Image: 22955607062_7672cd127d_b.jpg]
[Image: 22347842953_5933a257c3_b.jpg]
Comments, questions and criticism always welcome.
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OH yeah, I remember this one... I loved the angular shape of this tower. Thanks for re-sharing!
Really nice design and finished off very well; I like the detailing, just the right amount , it would have been easy to add too much.

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