Redix's Jungle Board
Hello everyone!

Good to be here. It's been a long time since I've done anything terrain oriented, (first time on new site) but I recently started playing some tabletop wargames with some friends and got the itch for some terrain again.

After watching a ton of youtube videos and tutorials for inspiration, I decided I wanted to make a full set of terrain for a jungle style board. It's something I have been wanting to do for a long time, but have just never gotten around to. I finally decided to make it happen and wanted to share. Any C&C is welcome and appreciated. I'm always trying to do better to make the next bit of terrain I build the best looking it can possibly be.

I only have a few pieces done so far. I first started with a test hill to see if I liked the overall look of how everything was going to be:

[Image: bJj4vpN.jpg]

[Image: w3yvlnN.jpg]

[Image: gReiBjw.jpg]
The two palm trees for the hill I made magnetic for stability as well as ease of play when needing to place minis on the hill.
After liking the way the hill turned out, I made a single jungle forest tile. I'll probably end up making about 3 or 4 of these total to scatter around the board and make the jungle feel as dense as possible without actually obstructing minis moving around the table too much.

The forest tile itself is just a slab of MDF with texture and flocking a tiny bit of shrubbery to help align the tree stands. The stands themselves contain all the dense vegetation, but as they are modular, they can be temporarily moved if minis want to venture into the dense underbrush (dont know why you would want that though, probably lots of nasty spiders and creatures in there).

[Image: 7IYgYem.jpg]
Overview (sorry for bad angle shot)

[Image: H6hakPR.jpg]
Closer view of the undergrowth on the tree stands

[Image: JryKyR5.jpg]
The tile with the tree stands removed

[Image: o6SJiXQ.jpg]
Next to the hill

I'm really excited with how it's turning out visually. Once again, C&C is very welcome as far as what I can do in the future for improvement if you guys have any suggestions. I'll post more when I finish the next piece.
I like those a lot.  Well done. 
Looks awesome! more please Smile
Off to a really great start. What are you using for your tree trunks? They look great! (Guessing maybe actual sticks, but not sure?)
Yeah they are real sticks from pine trees. It doesn't show up amazing in the photos, but the texture of the pine bark on the twigs looks a lot like palm tree trunks, especially after being drybrushed up.
This reminds me that I really need to get back to my own jungle project...

I love those trees!
Very cool! The rock texture on your hills looks especially interesting. How did you make those?

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