Old Comp Entry - Multi-levelled Industrial Whatsit
Here is a walkthrough for the Industrial Facility that I built for the multi-level competition back in either 2011 or 2012.

Here is the completed piece:

[Image: Facility1.jpg]

I started with a drawing (which took me freaking ages):

[Image: Inside2ndFloor.jpg]

And the plan:

[Image: NewIndustrialThingyPlan.jpg]
Thenit was time to get cracking. I used MDF board for the base and cut all the bits out (of course I did it the hard way with a knife and a ruler - I didn't own a lot of tools back then). The walls and supports were made from polystyrene. You can see the grooves that were cut out of the walls to facilitate the sliding doors.

[Image: Ground01.jpg]

Then, quickly thinking ahead, I detailed the inside of the lower level before I built the next on top. This was a rare flash of genius as I usually build something and then have to poke at it with long paintbrushes to do the bits inside. The stone walls were carved by hand to match some textured plastic card that I have on some other buildings.

[Image: InternalStone.jpg]

Then the next level was built up with polystyrene and more MDF. The paving stones next to the road are made from thin balsa wood - this is the technique I have used on all my buildings. Plastic mesh was used for the windows and the same grooves were made for more sliding doors.

[Image: Floor2.jpg]

[Image: Skeleton00.jpg]
Then it was time to start painting. A nice grey basecoat did the job. The paving stones were painted black and drybrushed with grey.Then more wood was cut for the roof parts (both of which are removeable so you can play inside).

[Image: 2-1stcoat.jpg]

[Image: 3-1stcoat.jpg]

The control tower was built next - same basic construction but with clear plastic for the windows.

[Image: 4-tower.jpg]

The sliding doors were inserted into their housings and then a hatch cut into the roof (again with a sliding trapdoor).

[Image: 5-towerandroof.jpg]

[Image: 8-closeuphatch.jpg]
I took me about 9 days just to build the crane for the top of the building. It took 2 attempts - the first attempt I used part of an old ASLAV model kit, but didn't quite like the look of it. I was going to use an Imperial Guard walker canopy for the control turret. But it was really no good:

[Image: CraneMark1.jpg]

So, I ended up scratch building a crane out of polystyrene, cardboard and a heap of bitz out of my bitz box. Here is the finished product (I can't seemto find any WIP shots):

[Image: Crane3.jpg]
Thenit was just a case of adding all the bitz and pieces and getting on with the painting. I can't find any more WIP shots so, without further nonsense, here is the finsihed model. First, some detail shots:

[Image: 2ndFloor.jpg]

You can see that I was able to find some more textured plastic card for the lowest level. And I built a fan that I'm strangely proud of:

[Image: Fan.jpg]

Here's a shot looking down over the rear corner:

[Image: Rearagain.jpg]

The finished model:

[Image: FacilityMain.jpg]

And then, a picture of it being used in a battle:

[Image: Facility4.jpg]

And that's it folks. Feel free to ask any questions and also feel free to shower me with praise and adoration... Ha!
That's wonderful! Love it!

One question: What program did you use to make your concept drawing?

I don't know whether or not to mention that there's a competition running here right now...

Guess I just did!
(01-19-2016, 10:52 AM)SethDrallitoc Wrote: That's wonderful! Love it!

One question: What program did you use to make your concept drawing?

I don't know whether or not to mention that there's a competition running here right now...

Guess I just did!

I used sketchup (from sketchup.com which I think used to be owned by google - not sure if it is now), butI don't recommend it. It takes way too long to get things right and doesn't always do what you want it to do.

I see the competition and I have some ideas.......
If you don't get on with Sketch up then http://www.tinkercad.com is worth a look. It doesn't do the pretty looking textureing sketchup can do but if you're just after designing a quick layout to lift measurements from then tinkercad is pretty quick and simple to use.
Re: Tinkercad. It looks like it's way easier to use. I'm going to give it a go for m next project. I found that sketchup just wasn't good with circles and arcs - considering my entry in the next competition will involve a ton of pipes then this looks like it may be better.
There are things that Sketchup can do that TinkerCAD can't, but TinkerCAD is a lot like playing with Lego bricks and once you get the hang of it there's not much (Aside from organic shapes) that you can't do with it. Well worth doing the tutorials and also taking a look through the Shape Generators for some very handy things like a bent pipe generator.

As far as I know they can both import/export the same file types so anything you can't do in one program you can move the work across and do it in the other.

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