Relic Knight Esper Generator - WIP
So this project is for a terrain competition at the  Group Build 71’s theme is “Power”.  Each project needs to represent some form of power generation, collection or nexus point.  I have recently been introduced to the game: Relic Knights.  This game is set in an Anime Themed Sci Fi environment and has an element in the fluff and game play called Esper.  This energy source seems to work like “The Force” in star wars but has 6 flavors rather than just light and dark.  In game, terrain elements with Esper crystal growth can be used to draw Esper to be used to power a unit’s actions.  I decided to make a power generator that is utilizing these crystals. 

Relic Knights is produced by Soda Pop Miniatures.  Because of this I have been slipping bottle caps into my Relic Knights themed terrain. Big Grin

The design:
[Image: IMG_20160217_141714898_zps4qpdoxhy.jpg]

And the cutting of the foamcore commences!
[Image: IMG_20160217_162532759_zps9vcmm7oa.jpg]
And after doing some cuttin and gluein while watching Ghostbusters for the first time in 20 years:
[Image: IMG_20160217_210853650_zpsgroccyi6.jpg]
So here is the progress so far....  The main Structure is complete, now for all the gubbins and what-not.  
[Image: Esper%20Generator%20WIP%20%20-%201_zpsjcwzc2xv.jpg]
[Image: Esper%20Generator%20WIP%20%20-%202_zpssxvewut8.jpg]
I've decided I need a base of some sort with a control console.  I've got my design and the basic structure of the base finished already but none of the detail.  I’ll post pictures once I finally get them downloaded off my phone.  After that I will be adding some random detail bits and then to the painting.

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This is looking good, excellent use of foam core. I hope your next batch of pictures shows more details of your 'crystals.'

Looks great, nice clean angles Smile

Never played Relic Knights, but I am a huge fan of Super Dungeon Explore (also by Soda Pop Minis Smile )
djmothra: SDE is a favorite here between me and my son. He always plays the console and I very nearly always lose. Dang witches and their turn me into a frog potion! Angry

Relic Knights didn't appeal to me until I got a game in with a buddy of mine. He up and gave me the army I was trying out afterward too. His way of making sure he has at least one opponent. Wink If you're curious we can start a thread in the Off-Topic Folder.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

More Progress!

So I made the beginnings of the base:
[Image: Esper%20Generator%20WIP%202%20%20-%203_zpscpzotkiw.jpg]
[Image: Esper%20Generator%20WIP%202%20%20-%201_zpst4qc8zzn.jpg]
I need to cover up the exposed foam but this gives the general shape. This adds an inch to the height and in each recessed space I will be adding a bit of detail. One side will have a control console, the next a computer bank and steps up to the crystals on the third.

Here's a little detail on the crystals:
[Image: Esper%20Generator%20WIP%202%20%20-%202_zpsru1b5won.jpg]
[Image: Esper%20Generator%20WIP%202%20%20-%204_zpsbyjk8pwb.jpg]
I made these by making the basic shape with Sculpy and then cooked it. Once hardened, I carved the facets with a hobby knife to sharpen them up.

So next I add card to the exposed foam, add my detail bits mentioned above to the base, clean up any divots and other whoopsies with some spackle then it's gubbins and random whats-its time. The one thing I'm still trying to work out in my noggin is how I'm going to build the electrical arcs passing between the crystals... Maybe a little bent wire coated in green stuff? I'm open to ideas.

Then the part I dread the most... the painting. Tongue

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Why coat it in Green Stuff? Just use wire.

p.s: Great work so far!
(02-27-2016, 12:42 AM)SethDrallitoc Wrote: Why coat it in Green Stuff? Just use wire.

p.s: Great work so far!

I was wanting to make them more... Lightening bolty with hard angles and my experience with wire is that you tend to get rounded corners. I'll be experimenting to see what looks best before moving on, so every idea that I can pull off will be tested.

And thanks for the encouragement!

Perhaps flat wire would work?
Yes. bend it nto the shape your want and hit it with a hammer.
How did you do the interior angles of the hexagonal prisms? And the face plates, the angle between the bottoms and the seems? I spent a fair amount of time two summers ago reading mind-numbingly dull 1947 math text trying to calculate the interior angles of pyramid-like structures. I figured if I could find the right angle, I could cut the pieces to fit as butt joints, or at least get close. I eventually had a really crappy Excel sheet that could help with the math, but it was pretty crude.
(02-27-2016, 01:10 PM)Lokis_Tyro Wrote: Perhaps flat wire would work?

(02-27-2016, 02:08 PM)SethDrallitoc Wrote: Yes. bend it nto the shape your want and hit it with a hammer.
That was the first thing that popped into my head after reading Lokis' post.  It goes on my give it a try list.

(02-27-2016, 08:52 PM)Asdel Wrote: How did you do the interior angles of the hexagonal prisms? And the face plates, the angle between the bottoms and the seems?...

I simplified it down quite a bit.  I started trying to describe how I did it using just text, but it just won't make much sense without drawing up a hex and taking pictures as I go.  So as soon as I can find a little time, a little tutorial will be coming to this thread.

For now, I'll tease with a couple facts.  A hexagon is 6 equilateral triangles, all with sides equal to the length of each side of your desired hexagon.  From that you can draw one out with only needing to know the desired length of the hex's sides.

And since the interiors of my prisms are completely hidden from view, it let me get away with only having to be precise on the exterior surfaces.  There's a lot of sloppiness hidden with in.  Smile


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