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If you have any comments on the competition entries feel free to post them here.

Booby Trap by SethDrallitoc

A nice looking piece, especially for such a quick build.

I particularly like the look of the plinth in the centre and the skeleton has a mouldy appearance that strikes me as just right for a tropical jungle setting and there is a good mix of plants used.  

I do think a bit of leaf litter scattered around and maybe a bit of rust on the axe wouldn’t go amiss.

All things considered I think this piece would look great on a jungle table.  

Unexploded Bomb by extraevildave

This turned out pretty much as I planned; iconic looking bomb, impact crater, some plant life and a skeleton of a bomb rider (with cowboy hat).  The only difference from my original plan was using a simplified tail on the bomb because the actual Fat Man tail design was horribly complicated and the U.S. went with simple designs for later bombs anyway.

I think it looks pretty good, but I may be a bit biased.
Booby Trap by SethDrallitoc

As a last minute rush job - this isn't half bad. It makes me wonder what else I might achieve if I really put my mind to it.

The above criticisms are fair. The piece really needs more dead/decaying plant life in order to sell the ancient ruin setting. The axe blade was actually rusted... though only on one side. The axe, stakes and plinth are not attached. I did this to give me optional uses for the piece in the future. I should have payed more attention when carrying it outside for photographing - it appears the axe was flipped at some point.

My favourite part is the vine wrapping itself around the second stake.

I'm in Mexico right now. Yesterday I visited the ancient Mayan temples at Xichen Itza. I will have many ideas upon my return home.

Unexploded Bomb by extraevildave

Again EED gets my vote. I love the level of detail in this piece. The pop culture reference is spot on!

That rust is beautiful!
Its very rare I want more than one vote on the comps, but this is such a time.

Booby Trap by Seth

Will fit in great with your Jungle board and I love the Indiana Jones vibe...and yes, you are right, I have seen that exact same trap at Disney MGM studios Smile
Very Colourful but could use some weathering.


I was half expecting a sign that says "No Riding The Bomb" (from the Simpsons) Big Grin
I feel the bomb could have been dug or embedded in a little more - for its weight and dropped for such a height, would have made a "bigger splash" as it were.

Both equally deserved to win - but does this not present a problem? Seth won the last and won again...but EED gets the next choice right? (or was that a rule from the original TG site?)
Booby Trap by Seth Drallitoc: I've said it before, I'll say it again - I love your stonework. The speed with which you got this piece finished was really impressive. I love the theme and I think it is very well executed. I too think it could have done with looking a little more overgrown, but this is offset by my love of modular or configurable terrain, so the fact that you can take the trap stuff off it and use it for other things is super cool.

Unexploded Bomb by extraevildave: Hahahaha. I cracked up when I saw this one. The pop culture reference is absolutely fantastic, and the bomb itself is very well executed. I particularly like the textured rust, which is a beautifully realistic effect. The one thing that looks a little off to me is the way the leaves from the tree are clumped on the bomb's surface. Given that it's round it's possible that this is the way it would actually look, but it just seems a little strange. Still, it got my vote.

Great job to both of you, especially on such a tight timeline!
Congratulations to you both for finishing your entries! They both turned out well... so well that we have a tie. Tongue 
This is the first time in the new forum setup that this has happened. In the rules developed for the comps, it was stated that I would choose the winner from the tied entries. Now that a situation has actually arose, that doesn't seem fair -- especially since there were only two entries. I had already voted for one of you, so it's not like I'm a neutral party.

I will open this up in the Forum Suggestions area to get feedback from the group on tie-breaker situations. In the meantime... I know you both have been really pulling the weight of the competitions lately as far as participation and the burden of running them. I think as your reward for a dual win is that neither of you will have to moderate the next comp. Take a break. Smile I will handle this one. That way you can just enjoy building, if you choose to participate. If we do ever get the ability to post competition awards, you'll both receive a trophy for this session. Congratulations again and thank you for sharing your projects with us!

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