Tied Competition Winners?
We've just experienced our first tie in the competitions area and I'd like to get some member feedback on how that gets handled.

In the initial Competition Rules written when we started this new format, it says:
"In the event of a tie, the Site Administrator will choose the winner from the tied entries."

While that sounded good in theory, now that I've actually been put in that position it makes me rather uncomfortable. In this case, we only had 2 completed entries to choose from. I had already voted for one of the submissions while the polls were open. So, obviously I'm already biased and giving myself the power to cast an additional vote does not seem fair. I already have the capability to vote twice under both accounts that I manage: the official TerraGenesis user and my personal MellyMonkey user, and I only ever vote from my MellyMonkey account. Using the TG name to double up on my favorites seems morally wrong, and essentially that's what I'd be doing under a tie situation.

So, I'm looking for suggestions on how to handle ties. Do you think it should be open to the entrants involved in the tie to volunteer to organize the next competition? Should we bring in a 3rd party to cast the tie breaking vote? Am I over thinking it any nobody cares that I get an additional vote? For this current situation, I am just going to run the next competition until we get a community decision so that could also be an option. All parties could receive the kudos for winning (hopefully we can implement award badges for this soon), and I could handle the comp so there's no fights over that.
Some ideas:
  • Gentlepersons' Agreement - Contact the two entrants privately and see if they agree as to who should win.
  • Site Admin's Judgement - As written in the rules. Fair because it was pre-established. Also, it is expected that the admin may take into account criteria beyond the individual project, such as how helpful one entrant was to other builders during the contest, who made better/more interactive WIP threads, who didn't wait until the last minute to create (thus not denying the community the benefits of observing their processes), etc.
  • Build Off - Have a short mini challenge and new vote to settle the winner. (Lots of potential problems. Perhaps, one or both entrants can't build again during that time frame or is less good with rushed projects, etc.)
  • Team Triumph - Both finalists are declared winners and have the potential to run the next contest together if they both choose. Similar to how ties in other competitions result in two first place winners and no second place.
  • Revote - Hold the vote again, hoping additional new voters participate. (I know I didn't vote this time around. A result of being ill most of that week and not having read through the entry WIP threads.)
My personal order of preference would be for the Gentlepersons' Agreement, Site Admin's Judgement, Team Triumph, and finally Revote. I don't really see the Build Off being viable except in certain situations. 

Best of luck to you, Melly. Sorry this had to come up.
I vote that EED wins.

Perhaps the person who came up with the comp idea should get to decide the winner in the event of a tie.
Why not just let them both have the win? Maybe tied winners can put thier heads together to come up with with the next idea? I can't imagine there would be too much friction - this is just for fun anyway...

either that... or some kind of klingon fight to the death...
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Person who started their build first?
...wins when there is a tie.

Entrant who posted the most extensive WIP thread?
...wins if there is a tie.

Or - Call it a tie.

I really like the idea of the open competition. It will hopefully create more interest, with people able to add whatever they are working on.

Since tie-breakers are not going to be a common occurrence - maybe we can just do it this way from now on.
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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I'm afraid that any kind of team up with the winners, or discussion between them could come back and be an issue. In theory, there could be five entries tied with 2 votes a piece.

I like the idea of the comp organizer deciding on who gets to declare it, with the option of choosing the non-particent route to not play favorites and passing on the next comp to the Site Admin... or like Blocky says: fisty cuffs in the Thunderdome. Tongue
I was just looking though some of the competition threads and there was one thread that had a long list of comp ideas - maybe it is a simple task of admins choosing the next unstarted project on the list?

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