First build (Warhammer 40k)
(05-07-2016, 06:30 PM)Tob Wrote: This looks pretty good!  I like the blast damage; looks like someone tried to put an RPG thru the 2nd floor window but missed.

Seems like a complete piece, but if anything is missing I might say a little detritus.  It just looks a little 'clean' for a war-torn ruined building.  Some wind-blown paper litter and/or beer cans might collect in the corner.  Some broken wooden boards might be scattered about.  Rats.

And being as it's Warhammer, you could always slap a few recruitment posters or propaganda on the outside wall.  I also personally believe that you can never go wrong with graffiti.

This is a great first project.  Keep up this pace and you'll have a whole table by next week!

Right now I'll have to figure out how to make cans and paper Smile
I like the idea of recruitment posters, time to get my friend to print of some tiny imperial propaganda!

Once I get this piece finished its back to painting figures, I have my Chaos and my friends Dark Angels to paint!!!
(05-07-2016, 09:15 AM)Asde Wrote: I would want four of them together to make a ruined building. However, the most cleaver approach may be to start with large base, cut it into four pieces, and now build four corners. This will allow you to have four corners for four separate buildings, or one large building, or two halves. If assembled into one building, you'd have no visible gaming table, which is often green grass.

That sounds like it should be a competition entry *hint hint* Wink
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I hope your talking too Asde! Wink I'm not ready to enter a competition!
Competitions here are more of a chance to work on a project with a set goal and time limit with the support of the community behind you. There is no builder-vs-builder. Just folks encouraging each other to do their best, sharing ideas, commiserating over setbacks, and celebrating successes.

You get the same sort of thing in your WIP threads, but competitions have the shared time limit pushing everyone to get things done.

Don't feel pressured to join into competitions, but know that TG comps are probably not like others elsewhere. Smile
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Maybe someday. Does sound like fun though.
Now is the best time! Since there are fewer rules and restrictions!

Project looks great so far. I don't know if someone beat me to it - but ladders/stairs/ropes - make those second floors accessible!
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Good idea I just gotta raid my bitz box.

Done a little more last night, added some rebars and started with a black undercoat of acrylic paint, pics to come later after I drop my son to school.
[Image: P_20160509_003727_zps7kvhwvjz.jpg]

[Image: P_20160509_003717_zps8hyrzqvr.jpg]
[Image: P_20160509_003659_zpsxm3odawl.jpg]

I still have allot to do, once I have it painted black I'm going to paint it all grey. You may ask why have I bothered with the black? Really I wanted to see it painted lol. I will be trying to implement some of your suggestions.

Eg. Ladders or ropes, posters perhaps,  as much as I would love to add more debris (cans and so on.) I lack the skill and know how to do that now.
Cat litter makes great rubble/rocks.

You can check out a good gluing technique for loose material in this part of my pyramid thread:  Gluing Cat Litter

Just make sure you use fresh litter...  Smile

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