First build (Warhammer 40k)
Finally finished! Took me feckin' ages. Hope you all like now it turned out.

[Image: P_20160620_112553_zpsbgulbzqz.jpg]

[Image: P_20160620_112607_zpsz3yiehkd.jpg]

Thanks to everyone for their help. Although I didn't implement all your suggestions, they have given me much to think about when I start my next build. Now I'm going to paint more models!
This turned out quite well, I think. I especially like the moldy green in the interior and the rust-stains extending from the exposed re-bar.
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Thanks Munin. I'm glad you like it, my wife will be pleased that her idea for the mold has been liked.
Agree that I like the fresh green stuff and that it contrasts with the deader looking stuff. (Deader? Deadesque?) Anyway, it definitely gives the effect of something growing in the building that shouldn't have, and it speaks to it being abandoned.

It's done now and I missed the convo, but I was going to say about the pipe that I don't necessarily agree that it couldn't rust. It depends on how it was treated and how long it sat. Obviously a lot of those industrial pipes get painted and painted and painted over and then, in that case, it might take a long time before you saw any rust. But you could have considered clumpy paint that has chunks flaked off and on the ground as the weather is trying to get to it now that there's nobody there doing maintenance.

Anyway, looks good. Loved that you used a straw. I'm still trying to learn to think about creative uses of materials.

As for the contests, please join them anyway. I'm a total newbie too and I joined a contest. It was probably the 4th thing I'd ever tried making. It included a lot of interior (think dollhouse) and I'd never done that at all before. Nobody cared or was like, LOOK NOOB PAY UR DUES OMG. They were chill and seemed happy to have another person playing along in the competition. So you shouldn't shy away here. Nobody's a jerk. Except Tob. Tob is a jerk.
Lol, if a competition appears I'll give it a go, my only problem is deadlines! Having two young children means I only get the nights each week for free time. So I have to split it between gaming (console), Dming for my wife, painting miniatures and modelling.

Saying all that, now I have finished I'm keen to start something else.

Blue Meander I looked up rusted pipes on Google and saw the results range between clean and in good condition to rusted and falling to pieces. I'llhave to think next time about clumping the paint, sand maybe? I used one of the citadel technical paints to make it lookdirty Typhus Corruption I think it is called. Gives it a nice dirty look.
I should try those paints. One day, I mean, I think that stuff can add up! ;....; But I hear a lot about modeling paints and I know I sometimes wish I could get a different effect with my paints. Once I tried painting a miniature (It was actually a miniature 3d printed TARDIS ring!) but all I own are the cheap craft acrylics and it definitely was a problem.

It does sound like you have a busy schedule! I have just one kid and they're 7 now so pretty independent. But they like to hang out and watch me work and LEAN OVER and be like Oh, what are you doing now? OH I SEE, good choice there. And I'm like, I LOVE YOU GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF MY FIELD OF VISION. I'm actually about to go back to school and get a certificate for a different kind of job and so soon I'll have full time employment and then I don't think I'll be whipping out the contest entries to fast when I participate. I'll like, have adult human responsibilities and crap to do.

But hey, come DM games for me. : D
They are good paints and the colour range is large, they have washes and dry paints in a variety of colours to complement the main base colours. Add to that the technical paints and its a once range, mind they ain't cheap!

As for DM'ing, what games you play?

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