Paint Rack / Station
So, I'm not sure where this falls really - it's not scenery but It's made with the same stuff and similar techniques!

So, it's about time I started to tidy up my (mini) paints, so i decided to make a paint station for them.

I got the dimensions for GW and Reaper/Vallejo paints and started to mark out a good design.

[Image: 20160511_162605-jpg.7916]

I'll have room for 40 GW sized paints - which is the first 4 levels and 12-13 Reaper/Vallejo Droppers in the top section.

Cut some spare PVC Foamboard from an old school project and glued when I got home.

Looks like this right now Smile

[Image: 20160512_191746-jpg.7915]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated!

(Melly, if this is in the wrong place...and it probably is can you move it?)
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This is a fine spot.

Looks like a good start! To make it even more terrain-y, you could add crenelations or spikes across the top of each wall. Wink

So... what's this list on the right that reguires the BeeGees but not Katy Perry?
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(05-12-2016, 12:38 PM)MellyMonkey Wrote: So... what's this list on the right that reguires the BeeGees but not Katy Perry?

I was wondering the same....  Huh
(05-12-2016, 12:38 PM)MellyMonkey Wrote: So... what's this list on the right that reguires the BeeGees but not Katy Perry?

My guess is that he's in the planning stages of a shot-for-shot remake in miniature stop-motion of "Saturday Night Fever" using Space Marines and a single Tau as Tony Manero.

Whilst I don't approve of the subject matter, I applaud the scope and significance of the undertaking. If, in fact, this is what he's up to.
It's the only logical explanation.
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Saturday Night Fever is one of my favourite movies!

The stuff on the right are the names of students and what presentation that were going to make in class - the grade 10's got music...and yes, I was very surprised to have one of them present about the Gibb family too Smile (She did very well, by the way)

I tend to re-use stuff if I can - this sheet had a lot of blank space on the back, so I used it - no point using a fresh sheet for doodles right?

Hadn't thought about how to 'terrain it up' yet - I may just make it like a stone wall with moss and vines etc...
(05-12-2016, 06:40 PM)djmothra Wrote: Saturday Night Fever is one of my favourite movies!

I lived in Bay Ridge for 7 years! 

The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge was in full view through my kitchen window... Oh Bobby!...
The next two shelves cut and ready to go - the holes are because this stuff is great to use and it'd seem a waste to use it such a manner when this'll suffice Smile

[Image: 20160513_142610-jpg.7920]

More pics when it gets put together.

Ideas for "terraining it up" gladly accepted Big Grin
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Finally added the last few shelves and a little to the sides...looks like Stanchions that you get in a sports hall Big Grin

[Image: 20160517_135402-jpg.7934]

[Image: 20160517_135413-jpg.7932]

Ooh, look - a crowd has started to arrive...

[Image: 20160517_135642-jpg.7933]

Security moved them on though - there is no home game this evening Smile

With Paints!

[Image: 20160517_155856-jpg.7935]

(Apologies for the crap on the table, the recycling lady hasn't been to collect today)

C&Cs welcome and appreciated Smile
Very nice! Smile

How bendy are the longer supports in the back? My engineering side is wanting a simple flat rectangle of material under the whole thing to act as a base that the supports are attached to to keep them from moving back and forth, especially when this is being moved. Nothing fancy, hot glue would likely do.

Ooh, and what about some vertical cylinders at the back, corners, or along the side(s) for holding brushes? If you were getting all decorative, you could make them into towers or smokestacks.

Great work. Big Grin
Very cool; it's stadium seating to have your paints watch you work!

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