First steps into a new world...
Well, I've been after one for ages - so I finally got one.

[Image: 20160525_134957-jpg.7992]

It's only a beginner set - the start of something new I hope Big Grin Can do upgrading later if I need it.
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Looks like a little more than a beginner's set, you should be able to great things with this setup. Welcome to the world of simultaneous exhilaration and frustration. Wink  Always remember to thin the paint a little more than suggested......and then a little more than that.

Let us see your progress.

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Congratulations. I could never get the hang of it - though I was pretty impatient at the time. Might be worth revisiting some day. Let us know how it goes!
Well, I've never tried it before so I didn;t want to spend a small fortune - its a beginner set from a local model store here in Saigon - cost less than $60US. I did get some Vallejo Air paints too...but yes, it looks like they need more thinning Smile I'm gonna try it out tomorrow - and yes, i'll put up results!

Just a quick Q - just about any acrylic paint will work so long as it thinned right? I have some brighter GW paints that I rarely use, but would be so cool as OSL and stuff like that.

Thinning is the secret to success. The GW paints are formulated to be brushed on, so they will have to be extremely thin, requiring multiple coats. That's not necessarily bad, as multiple thin coats give better coverage.

What is important is the consistency of the paint. Some 'experts' say to thin the paint 30%, some 50%, some say use water, some say Windex, others alcohol. All paints are different, metallic, to dark colors, to lighter colors, and using a percentage to thin is useless. Thin each individual paint to the consistency of milk, and you should be good. Also, use the thinner recommended by the paint manufacturer. In many cases that will be water, but use what is recommended.

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Ok, first attempts.

This is one of the Mordheim Wyrdstone markers I made a while ago - this is the original hand painted and drybrushed with Citadel Elysium Green.
[Image: 20160526_122333-jpg.7993]

Airbrushed with Elysium Green straight over the top
[Image: 20160526_122840-jpg.7994]

Lastly, I tried a brighter highlight - It was a little too much - more practice needed, but pretty good for a very first try right?
(Vallejo Panzer Aces 323 Highlight US Tank Crew)
[Image: 20160526_123729-jpg.7995]

C&Cs welcome and appreciated Smile
How big is the base of that marker? If it's as small as I think, you already have a delicate touch. I look forward to your progression.

Even using an airbrush, finishing up with a drybrush is a good idea.

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Its a 20 by 20 mm base - standard old GW infantry size (but a little thinner, it's actually an ACW Perry Mini base Smile )

Tomorrow, i'm gonna try some priming on some crappy figures first Smile
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(05-26-2016, 09:24 AM)djmothra Wrote: Its a 20 by 20 mm base - standard old GW infantry size (but a little thinner, it's actually an ACW Perry Mini base Smile )

Tomorrow, i'm gonna try some priming on some crappy figures first Smile

Just looking at those photos I would have guessed they were 40x40s. Wow.

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Thank you for all the nice comment and words of encouragement so far Big Grin

Airbrush Round 2 update - Made some Statues for Frostgrave Games ages ago, minis are some Perry Civil War Minis and some Mantic Elf Scouts on some PVC-FB that I roughly cut out.

[Image: 20160527_135547-jpg.8001]

Ok, this is 3 layers:

Base layer is Vallejo Model Air 71.047 US Grey.

Next, I didn't bother cleaning the hopper but dropped in some Panzer Aces 325 with a drop of water, mixed with brush and backwash Smile
I brushed this on at a 45 degree angle so some of the deeper areas still remain dark.

Last - again, not cleaning, a few drops of the Panzer Aces 323 with a drop of water and just hit it directly from the top down (90deg) to give a Zenital Lighting effect.

I think it looks best on the guy second from right Big Grin

Next, I'll use some strong Tone wash and finish with a white drybrush.

C&Cs welcome and appreciated
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