Rasputitsa is the Russian rainy season.
My friend recently got into 15mm WWII miniature gaming and is dragging me back into the hobby.lol
So last weekend I whipped up some modular boards. I'm starting here now to make some rural buildings and stuff

[Image: 20160525_004032_zpsxnwgr3ge.jpg]

[Image: 20160525_171111_zpsimrml4qq.jpg]

[Image: 20160525_004009_zpsuphbtsjo.jpg]

[Image: 20160525_003703_zpshankbxcc.jpg]
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is that for Flames of War?
Yes I don't have any 15 millimeter models I came from 28 millimeter... I just borrow that little unpainted tank from my friend to scale from
I like this. The rutted rainy season roads are really good. I REALLY like those rock escarpments on those hills; nice work.

I think the addition of a couple farm houses and barns will make this perfect. Could also add a livestock corral somewhere too I suppose. I would play on this board.

Keep us updated!
I agree about the roads! They look well worn. You whipped this whole thing up in a weekend? I'm jealous of the quick production time!

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