Long time no see
Hey guys, long time no see!

I like what you've done with the place.

I think the last time I logged in the site was still in transition. It just so happened that so was I! I moved to a different state with the family and have not been too inspired to build while settling in. I am hoping to change that though. I had to leave most of my old pieces behind in the move or gave them to the local hobby store. Plenty of room in the hobby room now!

So I guess maybe I should post some of previous comp entries and finished pieces on this site?
Welcome back. Yes you should!
Hey Rat!
Welcome back! I do miss your work; you always did great stuff Smile
Share old stuff, make new stuff... whichever, it's all good!
Welcome back! Smile
Welcome back!
Hi! I'm new! Wasn't at the old site or anything. Nice to meet you. : D

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