Terrain Tins
Even though I wasn't on the forum for a while I still made some things. I was making them to try to sell. Some did sell, actually. I was calling them 'pocket vacations' at art/craft shows, sort of presenting them as quirky gifts or cubical toys, but I also offer augmentations to turn them into necklaces, keychains, or fridge magnets. I was trying to find a way to combine enjoying making terrain and minis with making them accessible to more people than would normally be looking at gaming stuff or trains.

Anyway, I don't have all the pictures of all of them (I think they're on my camera or something) so I'll maybe update this thread with others later if I find more or make more, rather than make a new thread for each one. That seems a little overkill.

[Image: 12510303_10153462024819422_2756833246753795913_n.jpg]

The case I started them out in is a little tin commonly used for selling bindis or small jewelry.

[Image: 12662734_10153503504909422_9000208933565952020_n.jpg]

I made a nest for this one out of raffia and that stuff used for making long dry grass/hay in terrains.

[Image: 12697152_10153504246644422_3628992281988440944_o.jpg]  [Image: 12719206_10153504246584422_6677591027050547749_o.jpg]

I made my stupid bird do something useful for my terrains for once (since he usually ruins my life by eating them.) I used his little cheek feather and down for the nest. (I waited until they fell out, obvs. Did not pluck living bird for this.)

[Image: 12644933_10153489608959422_6924422487684801234_n.jpg]  [Image: 12622058_10153489608969422_3180712055780083876_o.jpg]
Made also a tiny beach that is a less ambitious version of my fancy beach with the coral and stuff. I was trying to make products to fill a 10-20$ range on my table so there was a certain amount of cutting corners on these and forgiveness of flaws.

[Image: 12695044_10153507506839422_6066865031515584350_o.jpg]

I also made a goldfishy one. This is a fish i made out of a mold instead of hand-making. Well, I made the first fish, but the point was to see if I could get starfish, fish, and other miniature stuff out of a mold to cut out some of the price creating time suckers. I think it's kinda dorky cute. I tried also doing one where the resin was done in layers and I painted little trout in each layer (like those people who paint rad goldfish in resin that look so real) but I biffed up the resin and it had that bubble fog in it so I don't feel like I got to find out if my technique really worked well or not.

[Image: 12417989_10153462025164422_4296192068633696028_n.jpg] 

This gnome guy was kinda my favorite but nobody seemed that into it. XD It's super dumb. I love it. Whatever. CUSTOMERS, amirite. I called him "L'il Gnomey" omg XD
Nice. Smile

I saw containers like these with sheet magnets on the bottom for sale at IKEA for spice and odds-and-ends storage, but they were much larger (3 to 3.5 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches deep maybe). These are much more portable, and challenging to work in.

Well done. Smile
I've never actually done anything very big. O...O Thanks, though. I know they're just simple little things but at least I was keeping busy sometimes. n.n
These are cool as! I have been following your beach thread and have to say that your attention to detail is awesome.
I can't even begin to figure out how my long, clumsy fingers/hands could even attempt this. Most likely they wold smash them up like the Hulk and a fitting rage would follow lol.
Anyways brilliant work.
@arkadine Hehe. Nice. : D Anyway, I hate to be so serious after great imagery like that, but for the record I do not have tiny, dainty fairy hands. I am a beastly giant Norwegian person who has Lincoln Logs for fingers. I'm not your willowy, spider fingered sort, weaving magic gold floss. I don't think it's really anything to do with needing certain kinds of hands to do the really tiny stuff, just the patience of giving it a try I guess. And using tools as necessary. I personally don't even consider it that hard. I think people just assume it's impressive because it's small, but it's not really any different to work in this scale than in other scales. I think you can totally do it if you give it a go!

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