Kid Zone plllllz???
Seth, I feel ya that it's hard attracting people to forums. it's too bad though, I actually love the forums. The fast pace of social media is overwhelming and kind of impersonal. It starts to feel like a competition to attract likes instead of having a real conversation with people. Though kind of like Arkedine said, a place to share the work of our own young friends might be an achievable goal. That's what I had pictured when I suggested it. Not really to build a community of new young folks, but just that we could kind of have a place that was known as a 'kid area' so, like Ableman said, we'd know to be kinda chill there and be supportive and know that maybe content would be kid focused. Of course we can still put it in the general forum (after all, the post that spawned this conversation was me posting my kid's terrain in the normal section). But, again, see above Ableman post.

When I picture how I'd have my kid use the site, it would probably just be through my profile name-- the point not so much being that my kid gets their own profile, just that there was a forum area where I know I could bring them to see stuff by other kids and where the content would be kid age appropriate. (Though these forums tend to be pretty polite and awesome, which I actually REALLY appreciate!) Or if it was my kid's own account, it would still be me basically doing for them because I'd be sitting right here, viewing it with them and stuff. (At 7 years old, my kid is definitely not a solo-internet user.) But that said, I actually feel like forums are a place that's easier to keep track of how your kid is interacting with people than some of the fast paced social media sites. Like I could see sharing my kid's work here, but would not do it on a Facebook terrain group, for instance. The slower pace and the ease with which we can find everyone's comments mean it's easier to regulate what's happening and make sure it's kid appropriate content they're getting. I don't really know that we'd need a special moderator for a kid section here though. In my vision, since we're basically talking about helping our own personal underage people (like our kids or relatives) use the site, they'd basically all each have adult sponsor overseeing them and controlling what they feel each kid is able to see.

The question would be if the site actually started attracting random young kids that were pre-teenaged who needed adult supervision. I guess to that I wonder-- how many kids too young to use the internet alone would try making accounts? And any kids old enough to make accounts on their own would probably feel too old to be in a kid crafting area where parents or family members are helping their maybe 4-11 year olds or whatever upload adorable foam monstrosities?
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This could be done easy enough.

TG has always had the belief that terrain building was for everyone, so profanity and inappropriate comments were not allowed. It's the internet: you never know when the person behind the screen name is only 11 years old. There are plenty of adults that would prefer to not shift through the garbage as well. Having a "kids area" isn't that big of a change to the culture of TG, but it would making finding specific kids-made projects easier to find.

I'll work on getting that set up in the next couple of days. Smile
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Just stumbled over this thread while I was catching up on everything for the last few weeks. I hate the fact that forums feel dead - it is by far my favourite way of sharing information. I don't have enough hours in the day to do the social media thing and I don't even have a fancy phone (still running a nokia - woot!). So I like being able to jump on a forum and methodically go back in time to see what I've missed out on and catch up.
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Done and done... an area for kid's projects has been created under the Miscellaneous category.
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I approve of the kid zone. Now we just need [more] projects.

(06-29-2016, 03:06 AM)TerraGenesis Wrote: While TerraGenesis has a commitment to keeping all of it's forums appropriate for all ages, this specific forum is dedicated to terrain or model figures completed by those under 18 years of age. [...]
Would the kid zone also accept projects designed for kids but created by adult hands? 

Also, kid friendly projects might preclude the use of some materials. Confused Superglue? Where is a good place to discuss recommended materials?

The New Generation: am I the only one that thought Star Trek instead of kid's project area when I first read the name?


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