Medieval warehouse
(10-16-2016, 03:44 PM)havre Wrote: Great work! It is nice to see some of the fine paint work beeing done with an airbrush. For the ground floor texture, the ripping of that kind of foam is a common issue. Using some food oil on your knife helps a great deal to reduce traction. And a sharp edge is good too off course. If it still gives you trouble, a few passes with a hair dryer or heat gun before you cut might help.

Thanks Havre!  I'm sure it was an issue with my knife not being sharp enough.  But I just recently started making costumes with EVA foam and picked up a heat gun.  I may give that a shot the next time I have a case of the fuzzies on my foam.  I know I've read some tips that talk about covering them with a coat of wood filler to even out the texture, too, but I think that mainly works for larger blocks (like the corner blocks).

@BlueMeander: Thanks for the compliments!

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