Hello, my friends...
Hello...I'm back.
A lot of time is gone from my last post, in the "old" terragenesis community
But not away completely, since I've lurked the "new" generation posting nice works and tecs.
And a big handclap to Melly for the nice job done.

Hope the modeling phantom will retake place in me, but for now, only posting and be active is my goal.

A sincere and happy pleasure to know that more than one veterans are still "on the high step" here.

A great HELLO to everyone Smile

(12-14-2016, 03:38 PM)gregbag Wrote: Hope the modeling phantom will retake place in me...

We all hope the phantom retakes you! You do awesome work and we all want to see more.

Great to have you back!
That's my excuse too. My modeling phantom is haunting someone else.

Welcome back Gregbag!
Welcome to TG2!
Thanks guys Big Grin
Welcome back Gregbag!! It'll be nice to see your unique style again. Your projects were always spectacular. Smile
So...just to keep my hands on duty, I scratched something for my last Xmas scenery.

sorry for the BIIIIGGGG pics...next one will be smaller  Big Grin

[Image: 8e61bccfcd.jpg]

[Image: 8e65da48ee.jpg]
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Good call!
Each year I promise myself to craft something for the traditional nativity... and never manage to do anything.

This year I did glue a few gravels together to represent old drystone walls in the hills, but I can't call it a terrain.
Still, it's better than nothing. Maybe next year...

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