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I'm sure most of you have noticed my increasing absence to the forums the past year or so. It surely hasn't been by choice. When Andy was first recruiting for a Site Admin, I had rather minimal "real world" responsibilities with no expectations of that changing.

Of course like most things, life has not gone as expected. That's not necessarily a bad thing, just busy. Currently, my job has taken most of my free time. We've been under staffed in our department and I've been put in a management position. So, I've been pulling a lot of extra hours. There's hopes of things settling down there eventually, just not anytime soon.

I've known for awhile now that finding time to manage the few tasks here at TG has been a struggle, but I've been reluctant to admit it. I took on the role initially because TG was a great group that I relied on heavily as I was starting up the hobby. Not only by having the help and advice to build terrain, but good people which turned into good friends. I wanted to repay the favor and keep a place like that available to others.

I've come to the realization though that not having an active Site Administrator is more hindering to the group than it is helpful, especially since there was this new site to get established as well. The community deserves someone who has the time to check in on them and be available to answer questions, concerns, etc. So, I am going to step down from the Admin role so I don't hold the forums back. I have already discussed this with Andy and he will be returning as the main Administrator. That's not to say that he isn't also a busy guy, but that seemed to make the most sense for now.

When Andy had first proposed this new setup for the forum, people had mentioned how more and more online communities had migrated to Facebook and other social medias. I had the thought that I could create a Facebook page for TerraGenesis to help drive traffic back to our site, but of course that has also suffered from my lack of time. Since there isn't that much of a following there, I will be taking that group down as part of my leaving the position so there is less for Andy to worry about taking over.

I want to apologize to everyone for letting it go on this long and having the forums suffer because of it. I also want to thank everyone for their contributions to the forum sharing their work, giving feedback to others, participating in the competitions, etc. to keep this place active while I've been indisposed. And thank you to Andy for being so understanding and willing to take up my spot. Moving forward, I will still be around to help Andy get back into the groove and to chime in when I can. Smile
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At this point I'd just like to say a big thank you to Melly for looking after the site. I know it hasn't been particularly active but I put that down to the fact that most people have their own little corner of the web these days, be it on Facebook, Blogger, or somewhere else.

I will create a new "I'm back" thread in due course and in which we can discuss where we go from here.

Let's keep this thread for saying thanks to Melly, and that we we hope there's a point in the future where she's less busy busy and can come "play" with us again. We will still be here. Wink

Thanks Melly. Smile
Indeed. Thanks Melly! Hope to see you back here soon.
yeah...real life is almost taking the best side of us... Big Grin ; but joking apart, thanks Melly.
Real life does have a tendency re-prioritize a person's responsibilities. We all experience this from time to time and can understand and sympathize.

Thanks Melly for your major contribution to the survival of Terragenesis! Without you TG might have been lost entirely.
Thanks for all you've done for the TG community! We hope your absence is a short one!
Thanks everyone. Smile I'll still be around poking my head in every once in awhile. You're not rid of me that easily!
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