History in the Making
A little piece of TerraGenesis history has occurred within the last few days: terragenesis.com now links to us.

Many thanks to Max Wyman of TGI-Systems (tgi-systems.com), the previous owner of this domain (for MANY years) who has donated it to us as he no longer needs it.

I am still uncertain about the future of TerraGenesis but a plan is beginning to form in my head (comments and suggestions are still welcome in my thread on the subject). However one thing is certain: I will, in time, be changing things around such that we use terragenesis.com as our main domain name, in recognition of the fact that we are a global community, and always have been despite the original UK based domain name. Smile
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That is so cool!! Someone's been sitting on a .com domain I've wanted for almost 10 years. Never updating it. Doesn't do anything with it. Has never responded to my polite e-mail inquiring. So trust me, I know what a huge deal this is. Congrats!
In this case it has been in use for many years however after changing the name of his company to become incorporated, it became surplus to requirements.

With the one you're after: if you haven't already, take a look at the "WHOIS" details for the domain registration and see if there are any other contact details besides what you've tried. If the site is dormant / defunct, it's quite possible that some of the published methods of communication are no longer working.
Thanks for the tip, although that is the method I used for getting in touch. I sent an e-mail originally and then a couple years later, when I saw it was still in use, I tried reaching out through Facebook directly to the person listed on the WHOIS in a polite, professional way asking if they would be interested in selling it since they didn't appear to be updating. I've never heard back either time and didn't figure I'd do myself any favors nagging so I let it go.

I used a Meandrous.biz for a while, back when people thought all those .rando endings would take off. I eventually switched to MeandrousArt.com and gave up on -just- Meandrous. It's fine with me. It says in the title what I'm about and helps distinguish from other uses of the word. I just looked up to see if the guy who was using Meandrous.com was still using it for his photography, but appears to have sold it to a company who is trying to sell it. This domain hawker wants 3800$ for it. I tried looking to see if I could buy it through my own registrar place but they definitely own it. Honestly, I barely use my existing website as-is so that's clearly not an investment I'm going to make. : ( Oh well. If I ever go .com, I'll probably just go with Meander(+my-last-name).com and have it be like my me-as-an-artist domain. And, true, I'd have to spell my last name to people, but I already have to spell "meandrous" for most people. You'd think it'd be a more commonly known/used word in the English language. Because it's baller.
I've noticed in recent times that every time I register a new domain name, I get pestered with phone calls from people offering web design services. The registration company I use swears that they don't pass on the information. So I guess there is some way for these pests to find out about newly registered domains... so there's probably a way to look out for lapsed domains too, and snap them up for resale. I'm inclined to think that's more likely than the previous owner having sold meandrous.com to them. Those kind of companies: they work on the basis of buying LOTS of domains very cheaply, hoping that one or two will make some money. They don't, as far as I'm aware, pay descent money to buy domains (there are other companies, who charge comission, through which you can sell domain names).

It might be worth contacting the company who currently owns meandrous.com, something along the lines of:

"I currently own meandrousart.com, and am quite happy with it, but would kinda like meandrous.com were it available at a price I could afford. I see you have it listed for $3695. As you can see from my site I'm a sole trader / artist (read struggling artist... aren't we all?) so there's no way I could ever justify that. Having thought long and hard about it, I could justify $50. Can we can do a deal."

Probably a waste of time... but I have personally had occasions where companies like that have said "yeah, okay" or come back with an counter offer that I could push to (something is better than nothing if they've been sat on it for a while). Mostly ignored, or they come back with something stupid that suggests they didn't even read it; but just occasionally. Where's the harm? It's not like you'd be "pestering" a real person; just some parasitic cyber-squatting **** who, in my opinion, deserves all the crap anyone can throw at them for standing in the way of the rest of us trying to make a buck by offering a real product or service.
I see your point. It's a good tip. The only reason I'd really want the .com at this point is to redirect (in case some people forget it's MeandrousART.) It's a pretty useful thing to have the common mis-entered address under your dominion. If I ever reach out about that, I'll take your idea for presenting them with a deal like that in mind. It was much the way I approached the original guy holding it!
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I've just re-registered with the forums, but I've been a member off and on for better part of a decade, and first discovered TG way back in the early 2000's when it was an article archive.

It's a pleasure to see you are still associated with TG Andy, and I hope the site stays around for many more years to come.

Every so often I get a miniature gaming itch and this is one of the few places I come to scratch it, and get some inspiration on what I can try next.

I'm hoping the competitions are still running as these used to gather a bit of interest and push people to try something outside of their comfort zone.

You're indeed correct about the global community Andy. I'm an Aussie and have been a fan for years. Got my hands on my first piece of blue foam yesterday in fact! Been very jealous of you guys with a steady supply of it for as long as I can remember.

I look forward to becoming an active member of this community again.

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Welcome back!  Big Grin

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